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Final Heisman Prediction

Updated: December 13th
By: Brian Johannes

Marcus Mariota 2015 NFL Draft

1. Marcus Mariota - QB Oregon

Season Stats:
3,783 yards passing 32 TDs 2 INTs; 669 yards rushing, 12 TDs. (12-1 record)

It's not too often anymore you see a Heisman candidate go coast to coast but that's what we have this year in Mariota who finishes at number one after starting the season as such. Mariota is the choice for a combination of reasons. He obviously has the statistics, he showed well in big games (even played well in their loss), and his team is going to the College Football Playoff. He got a good fight from skill position players MG3 and Amari Cooper but Mariota is most worthy of the award. A perfect cap to a tremendous career.

Melvin Gordon 2015 NFL 2. Melvin Gordon - RB Wisconsin

Season Stats: 2,336 yards rushing 26 TDs. (10-3 record)

Melvin Gordon was so spectacular this year that when he ran for 140 or 150 yards it felt like a let down. Not only did Gordon lead the nation in rushing with 2,336 yards rushing but also set the single game rushing record with 408 yards against Nebraska. Those numbers are outstanding and if this was ten years ago he might have run away with the award. Gordon would probably have a better shot if Wisconsin had lost one less game or didn't get annihilated against Ohio State in the Big 10 Title Game. Regardless, Finishing second is an outstanding accomplishment for Gordon as he set his mark all over the record books.

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Amari Cooper 3. Amari Cooper - WR Alabama

Season Stats: 115 receptions, 1,656 yards & 14 TDs; (12-1 Record)

Nobody benefited more from the addition of Offensive Coordinator Lane Kiffin than Amari Cooper. In one season Cooper's 1,656 yards (lead the NCAA) and 14 touchdowns (2nd in NCAA) almost outdid his two previous years combined (1,736 yards and 15 TDs). Many feel that Cooper is the most talented player in college football and was put into a position to show off that talent. Cooper may get a few first place votes, but it's hard to see him overtaking an elite quarterback.

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