Colin Kaepernick Scouting Report

Position: Quarterback
School: University of Nevada
Class: Senior
Height: 6-4 1/2
Weight: 233
Draft Stock: Late First-Early Second




I really don't mean to just keep bagging on these "New Era Mobile Quarterbacks". But when are we going to learn that this style of quarterback rarely ever has worked out? And for every Michael Vick or Randall Cunningham, I will give you 10 Akili Smith's or Pat White's. These type of guys just don't work in the NFL. Really the only 2 thing's I like about Kaepernick is that he is a great athlete, and has a strong arm. Other than that, he is has proved nothing as far as being able to fit into an NFL offense, and just as with Cam Newton, nothing he used in college will be used in the pros. In college, if Colin's first receiver wasn't open, he could just take off and run for a first down, no longer, as that just does not fly in the NFL as it would in college. Also, Kaepernick just does not have the ability to "Throw his receiver open", so basically, if the receiver is not Wide Open, Kaepernick can't hit him. He doesn't throw a good deep ball, he doesn't do a good job hitting his receivers right out of breaks, and on top of that, has never really taken the ball out from Center. I am genuinely shocked, and a little disappointed that guys like Kaepernick and Newton are viewed as highly as they are, as Draft Analysts are throwing everything out the window when it comes to what it takes to be a successful NFL Quarterback.


Career Statistics
Year Passing Yards Completion Percentage TD's INT'S
10 2,830 65.3 20 7
09 2,052 58.9 20 6
08 2,849 54.4 22 7
07 2,175 53.8 19 3

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