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Martavis Bryant Interview

Clemson wide receiver Martavis Bryant tops by to talk about his decision to enter the NFL Draft as an underclassmen, his career in College and who is faster; him or Sammy Watkins.

Check out our official Martavis Bryant highlight reel.

Draft Geek: How close are you with Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins? Did they have any input in your decision to declare as an underclassmen?

Martavis Bryant:  I am very close to them but they didn't have any input on my decision. It was a family decision.

D.G: Lets set the record straight. Who's faster; You or Sammy?

Martavis Bryant Clemson M.B: Some people say me and some say him. We raced freshman year and it was a tie, but I believe I am faster.

D.G: What are you most proud of about your time at Clemson? What are you going to miss most?

M.B: I'm most proud about winning ACC championships in my years there. Most of all I am going to miss the Clemson family and the support the gave us every Saturday.

D.G: Your first two years at Clemson were a bit rocky, but things really clicked on and off the field for you as a junior. What can you attribute your turnaround to?

M.B: Growing up and maturing. Really focused on being successful and staying out of trouble.

D.G: Your talent level is off the charts, but many have criticized you for a lack of consistent production. How do you respond to that?

M.B: People get judged in this world everyday you can't always listen to what people say because half of them won't even make it through the things college football players go through.

D.G: What would you consider your biggest strength, and what area of your game do you need to improve on the most? 

M.B: My biggest strength is running past defenders and high pointing the ball. I need to work on staying lower out of my break points.

D.G: If you could compare yourself to any current or former NFL receiver who would it be?

Martavis Bryant NFL Draft GeekM.B: A.J Green is my favorite receiver and a lot of people say I remind them of him. So AJ Green.

D.G: If you could swap jerseys post-game with any NFL player who would it be and why?

M.B: A.J because of the fact he is my favorite player.

D.G: What's your daily schedule like from now until May? And what will you be doing on draft day?

M.B: I will be training all the way up to draft day and on draft day I will be with family in my home town.

D.G: OK final one. You have two young daughters, what is the first thing you're going to do for them when you get that first NFL check?

M.B: My kids really don't need much since I pretty much spoil them and get them whatever they want anyway!

Thanks so much for your time Martavis, we really appreciate it! Best wishes on all your pre-draft preparation and in the 2014 draft itself, we're rooting for you!

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