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    Well we are half way through the NFL season and two weeks away from the college regular season end. This year however is going to be a weird one as the running back class is better than ever. With Zeke Elliot showing that it is not a reach to take a running back in the top 5. This years class could have up to 3 or 4 running backs in the top 32. So I have decided to break down this years running back class in tiers (some could go either or). Hope you like it and comment below. Team fits are more of what I want to see them on than fit in some cases.

    Tier 1

    Dalvin Cook FSU- Speed.  Just speed and explosion. Period. He (dare I say) is a Chris Johnson kind of RB. When you give him a crease he’s gone. Cook is a tough runner behind a so-so O-line and he gets it done. You would think that a guy with his speed wants to take to the outside a lot but that is further from the truth as he likes to regularly go North-South. I would love to see him on a team like Carolina or Indy where he can run in those stretch plays or pick his holes but he is scheme versatile

    Leonard Fournette LSU- I have Cook ahead for one reason. His hands. Fournette doesn’t have the same hands like Cook (Although neither of them are like whose coming up). Fournette unlike Cook is the best athlete at the position in years. His power,speed, and size combo is unmatched. He begs for contact. I would like to see a bit more patience but that will come with time. Him with the Jags would be a perfect match.

    Tier 2

    Christian McCaffery Stanford- Versatility. That is the best description of his skill set. He has vision and some of the best hands in the draft. Although sometimes he doesn’t put up the expected numbers (which makes no sense), he is always making plays. He screams New England.(Shoot out to Brian Johannes on this one)

    D’Onta Foreman Texas- He begs for contact more than Fournette. He is a physical running back that gets a lot of yards after contact because of his physical style he’s ripped off 250, 341, 167 yards in the last three games. The Eagles need a physical presence in the RB to add with Matthews.

    Nick Chubb Georgia- I heard a comparison to Maurice Jones-Drew and I love it. Short and squatty back that when given a hole will explode to the end zone.  He has good hands and is a alright pass blocker. I think if there is a team at the bottom of the first round early second say Philly or Cleveland would be perfect for him.

    Royce Freeman Oregon- He is a lot like Jonathan Stewart in the sense that he is the biggest back Oregon has had in a while. He has good vision and hands as well as a good second gear. Freeman could be good back in a power scheme. The Giants could be a good fit.

    Samaje Perine Oklahoma- Power and more power. Perine has a solid body and runs like he does. He doesn’t have bad hands but they could be better. A comparison could be a one of my favorite RB Micheal Turner. A team like the Redskins could benefit from his physicality.

    Joe Mixon Oklahoma- He has major off-field issues but the he might be one of the most talented backs in the draft. He mauled Texas Tech (grant its Texas Tech) with his combination of his hands and running style. Mixon is like a a more talented version of Ray Rice. Detroit would be a perfect fit.

    Wayne Gallman Clemson- He is a very underrated back that has great vision and power as well as a little wiggle to him. Clemson when they stop running him don’t typically do very well (Check his Pitt game although he did have three touchdowns). I liken him to Demarco Murray and could fit in any scheme.

    Tier 3

    Jeremy McNichols Boise State- He is a good all round back that can catch and run. He is a good screen player and sweep player. He is one of my favorites and he should go around the 3rd rounder. Green Bay is a team that could benefit from his skill set.

    Brain Hill Wyoming- He is my other favorite back as he is a blend of running styles. He has a good burst and vision. He contentiously makes plays and rips teams apart. Carolina or Baltimore could benefit

    Elijah Hood UNC- He hasn’t had the production but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had an impact. He got compared to a lesser version of Frank Gore. I’m not a big fan of that comparison but he could be a better back if he becomes more decisive. The 49ers could be a good fit as they don’t know what they have in Hyde

    Jamal Williams BYU- My favorite RB in this class. He has a long stride and is good a back that can run from anywhere. He has a solid frame that destroyed Toledo in there game. Me being a Ravens fan would love him on the team but I think a team like the Vikings could benefit even more.

    Kareem Hunt Toledo- Hunt is a sneaky good RB that could sneak into the bottom of the 2nd round. Hunt is a RB that follows his blocks and has good hands. He reminds me a bit of Jeremy Hill. He would be a good fit with a team like Baltimore or Detroit.

    Akrum Wadley Iowa- He has wiggles and looked like the best player on the field in the Michigan game. Wadley is a secondary back that would fit with the Texans as Lamar Millers backup.

    James Connor Pitt- He beat cancer and is beating up defense too. He is a big back with vision and is a battering ram. He is a great back that can help any team. The 49ers are a good fit.

    Elijah McGuire ULL- Think Kenneth Dixon. He is basically the same skill set but not as explosive. He is a back that a team like Saints who love pass catching backs with explosiveness.



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    Have you taken looks at Donnel Pumphrey and Alvin Kamara?


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    Yeah about ten minutes after I posted it I realized I had completely forgot about the two. I like both of them and both would be in the tier 2 and I think Kamara is gonna be special but thank you for reminding me.


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    Corey Clement?? I’d put him right next to Hood


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    I’m not a big fan of his. I prefer Hood over him because I think there is more talent there and Clement is running behind a Wisconsin O-line. But I think he is like a 3rd or 4th rounder.


    Logan Fredrickson
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    Talentwise Mixon is number 3 to me.

    What about Curtis Samuel? I know he is kind of a tweener WR/RB but I would have him high in tier 2.

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