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Week Sixteen 2013 NFL Power Rankings

By: Aaron Leimser

1 (2) 12-3 Manning continues to be a surgeon as they blow out the Texans this week. It was business as usual, but the cherry on top is that Manning broke the single season passing touchdown record. He was perfect all season long.
2 (1) 12-3 Once again Denver and Seattle flip-flopped at 1/2! Seattle finally lost at home and they did so at the hand of the sneaky good Cardinals. This may be a chink in the armor, but ultimately I don't think it effects them long term.
3 (4) 11-4 They didn't play a perfect game, but San Fran was solid once again this week as they played their last game in Candlestick and clinched a playoff berth. They're one of the hottest teams in the NFL heading into the postseason.
4 (6) 11-4 You keep waiting for Carolina to go away, but they are not fading. The Panthers are the real deal and it's a team nobody wants to face in the playoffs.
5 (7) 11-4 New England was apparently not happy after losing last week and took their frustrations out on the Ravens this week. Brady didn't throw a lot, but when he did, he did so efficiently, which will need to be the model sans Gronk.
6 (3) 11-4 The Chiefs got spanked at home this week against the Colts. If this is any indication of how they will perform in the playoffs, the outlook is not a bright one.
7 (5) 10-5 The Saints troubles playing on the road are real and it could very well spell and early exit for this team. Brees and the crew couldn't do anything against one of the best defenses in the league.
8 (8) 10-5 Carson Palmer threw 4 picks and they still won, if that says anything about how good this defense is. Too bad they're not in the NFC North!
9 (9) 10-5 Dalton was lights out this week as the Bengals remain undefeated at home. They have clinched their division, giving them two weeks to prepare for a playoff run.
10 (10) 10-5 After a mid-season lull, Indy seems to be heating up at just the right time. They seem to come up big in big games, and that’s what they did this week knocking off the Chiefs in Arrowhead.
11 (12) 9-6 With Tony Romo 99% out for the NFC East's finale, the Eagles have a huge advantage. However, they've been a bipolar squad this year and it remains to be seen how this young team will respond under immense pressure.
12 (11) 8-7 Chicago was absolutely trounced by the Eagles this week. They couldn't score and they couldn't play defense; not a good combination and leaving many pontificating "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Why did McCown have to step aside for Cutler?
13 (15) 8-7 The Chargers got another win and actually shaped up to be a pretty decent team this year with an outside chance at grabbing a wildcard spot, it's just too bad they play in such a knock out division. How will they build on this for next year?
14 (14) 8-7 Miami still has a chance to hang onto their wildcard spot after being shutout by Buffalo, even though I'm not sure if they deserve it. If they do manage to make the playoffs, I don't look for them to go far without an offensive line.
15 (15) Green Bay Packers 7-7-1 The Packers shot themselves in the foot this week as they lost to the Steelers. They continue to hold onto playoff hopes, but I fear it is unlikely unless Rodgers comes back.
16 (13) 8-7 Baltimore still has a chance at the playoffs, but can this team bounce back after losing as ugly as they did?
17 (17) 7-8 It's December in Dallas
18 (19) 7-8 Never count out the Steelers or Mike Tomlin! After a huge win in Lambeau, the Steelers still have an outside chance at making the playoffs. That would be quite a feat after the way the season started.
19 (20) 7-8 St Louis is a highly underrated team lead by quiet superstar pass rusher Robert Quinn. RB Zac Stacy remains a beast. Too bad this team doesn't play in the NFC North.
20 (18) 7-8 Nothing to see here .... #SOL
21 (21) 7-8 Geno didn't look too bad this weekend against a decent Browns D. This season could have went differently if he had any weapons around him at all.
22 (24) 6-9 The G-men don't have anything to play for, but they did successfully screw up the Lions chances at making the playoffs. They didn't do anything spectacular this week, but maybe that speaks more about the Lions than anything.
23 (22) 6-9 Tennessee got a win this week as they ran the ball all day long against the Jags. This win is nothing to brag about, but it's more about team morale at this point.
24 (23) 6-9 Buffalo sure hasn't given up on the season as they managed to shut out division rival Dolphins this week. This team continues to show flashes, they just need more pieces in place.
25 (25) 4-11 Tampa racked up another loss this week and Bucs fans have to wonder if Schiano has done enough to keep his job. It's borderline for me after they bounced back some, I think it will be better in the long run if they move on without him.
26 (26) 4-11 The Jags put up a fight this week, but ultimately accepted defeat to the Titans. After the way they started however, you have to like the direction Gus Bradley is taking this team!
27 (27) 4-10-1 Vick? Mallett? Cousins? Carr? For A.P's sake who's it gunna be next year???
28 (29) 4-11 Atlanta wasn't going quietly this week as they put up one hell of a fight against the 49ers. Atlanta has a lot of work to do this offseason but as long as they are somewhat healthy next season, they'll be contenders once again.
29 (28) 4-11 Quarterback - Quarterback - Quarterback
30 (30) 4-11 Oakland's struggles continue as they lose once again to a division opponent. They will undoubtedly be looking for a QB in the 2014 draft right along with half the league.
31 (31) 3-12 The 'Skins lose once again with Kirk Cousins at the helm and Shanahan may as well start applying for jobs now.
32 (32) 3-12 Clowney or Bridgewater??? Let the debate begin!