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Reverse NFL Power Rankings - Race for No. 1

By: Aaron Leimser

Any idiot can rank the best teams in the NFL, but we here at NFL Draft Geek are ranking the teams chasing that number one pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. We've seen 'Suck for Luck', 'Tank for Teddy'; what will it be in 2015?

32 (-) Miami Dolphins 0-0 I challenge you tell me one thing positive the Dolphins have going for them this year. They have terrible coaching, the offensive line is not tangibly better, there is no running game and the defense continues to lose pieces. I was never a Tannehill fan, but he never stood a chance.
31 (-) Carolina Panthers 0-0 Gone are stalwarts Jordan Gross, Steve Smith and to a lesser extent Captain Munnerlyn. Every year there's one team that goes from playoffs to the top five, and this year we see "Superman" crashing back to Earth.
30 (-) Houston Texans 0-0 The defense is great, but they somehow managed to go a whole offseason without realizing "Pickspatrick" was their starting quarterback, not to mention their franchise player doesn't want to be there. Clowney and Watt can defend, but they can't score points!
29 (-) Jacksonville Jaguars 0-0 I'm confident Jacksonville is on the right track, but they're still likely to start Chad Henne this year and Gus Bradley is going to need more than two years to rebuild the dumpster fire he inherited.
28 (-) NYGiants 0-0 Call it the end of an era! Eli Manning has gotten precipitously worse every year since their last Super Bowl and their defense is in full-on rebuilding mode. Not to mention they have no running game to speak of.
27 (-) Cleveland Browns 0-0 The multi-sport circus in Cleveland continues as the Manziel hype is more obnoxious than ever. He may not be the week one starter (and rightfully so), but he will inevitably be the starter at season end and he will do it without Josh Gordon.
26 (-) 0-0 Oakland continues to drift in the right direction, but as long as Matt Schaub is at the helm this group gets no respect from me.
25 (-) Tennessee Titans 0-0 There's a ton of talent on this team and I love Ken Whisenhunt, but as long as Jake Locker is running the show he'll be their Achilles Heel.
24 (-) Buffalo Bills 0-0 Much like the previously mentioned Titans, the Buffalo Bills are a highly talented young team; I just have absolutely no faith in their quarterback E.J Manuel.
23 (-) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0 Josh McCown is a hell of a lot better than what they've had at QB recently, but he's still Josh McCown. Tampa will be competitive, but expect them to be needy a franchise quarterback come next spring.
22 (-) Minnesota Vikings 0-0 Minnesota had another great draft this year, but it's the first year under a new system, so there will be growing pains.
21 (-) Baltimore Ravens 0-0 The Ray Rice firestorm is overshadowing the fact that Baltimore's offense is shaping up to take yet another step back this year. With a lack of playmakers on both sides of the ball, I can't seem them being much better (or worse for than matter) than last year's mediocre season.
20 (-) Dallas Cowboys 0-0 The Cowboys will be the Cowboys we have known recently as long as Romo is driving the bus. Figure on them making things interesting but finishing in the middle of the pack once again.
19 (-) NY Jets 0-0 The Jets are once again speaking confidently about the upcoming season, but with an uninspiring QB battle of Geno Smith versus Mike Vick it's hard to see the Jets being more than 'pretty good'.
18 (-) KC Chiefs 0-0 Kansas City made one heck of a run last year, but relying solely on their defense couldn't get them over the hump. They played over their heads and I'm predicting some regression this year, but this is a team that is close to breaking through.
17 (-) Eagles PHI 0-0 Philly now has over a year of Chip Kelly under their belt and expectations are sky-high. Nick Foles was so incredible last year, it's hard to imagine he's not in for a leveling out.
16 (-) Cincy Bengals 0-0 Cincy took advantage of Baltimore and Pittsburgh rebuilding the past couple years, but the AFC North could revert back to what we've been used to seeing as the Bengals really haven't done much to make themselves a better team.
15 (-) Detroit Lions 0-0 On paper the Lions should have no problem making the playoffs ..... Stop me if you've heard this one before.
14 (-) 0-0 After a quiet playoff appearance last year, the Chargers will look to be a legit thorn in the side for Denver this year.
13 (-) 0-0 It's time for RGIII to finally break through in his 3rd year and now under a new coaching staff. Their defense will need to prove themselves without getting much help from this year's draft, though they couldn't be much worse.
12 (-) 0-0 Some people might be surprised to see San Fran this low, but they finished 30th in passing yards last year and they'll need to develop another dimension if this talented team wants to contend.
11 (-) Indy Colts 0-0 Indy will more than likely walk easily into the playoffs again this year, but they have yet to prove themselves against worthy opponents.
10 (-) STL Rams 0-0 St. Louis is unfortunately in the best division in the league, but it's inevitable that Seattle and San Fran will come back to the pack just a tad. I'm not a huge Sam Bradford guy, but he's got weapons and that defensive line is easily the best in the NFL.
9 (-) ARZ Cardinals 0-0 Arizona is another NFC West team with serious potential. They have plenty of young talent and a solid defense, all they need to do is get their running game jump started with Andre Ellington.
8 (-) 0-0 Is this finally the year Atlanta wins come playoff games? With their additions to both offensive and defensive lines, we think it could be.
7 (-) Green Bay Packers 0-0 Nothing new this year in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers will have the offense doing their job, but how will the other side of the ball hold up with some reinforcements?
6 (-) Chicago Bears 0-0 Year two off the Marc Trestman era offers continuity and stability on offense while the defense should stand to improve with some major offseason acquisitions.
5 (-) NO Saints 0-0 The outlook is bright in New Orleans now that Jimmy Graham is locked up and their defense continues to improve. Rookie Brandon Cooks could be a serious game changer on offense.
4 (-) SEA Seahawks 0-0 Inevitable attrition thanks to a Super Bowl win and a slight loss of hunger will open up some holes, but they're still the best defense in football by a long shot.
3 (-) PIT Steelers 0-0 Could be a big year on the horizon for the Steelers as they have been slowly loading up with young talent over the past two years.
2 (-) NE Patriots 0-0 Tom Brady is still Tom Brady and with a healthy Gronk we can only assume they will be contending.
1 (-) DEN Broncos 0-0 It's time for Denver to come back and totally redeem themselves. They've added some good players and hopefully have some current ones healthy.