2017 NFL Draft Compensatory Picks

While the draft order is set after the Super Bowl, the official number of picks for the draft as a whole and for each team isn’t set till the Compensatory Picks are announced. Only 32 total Compensatory picks can be given out and are determined by the NFL Management Council given based on free agents lost compared to free agents signed in an overly complicated formula.

Compensatory Picks have long been crucial for NFL teams who have lost key free agents and used this extra picks to add talented players including in last year’s draft the Dallas Cowboys used a Compensatory Pick they gain to take Dak Prescott.

With 11 3rd round Compensatory picks being awarded this year the 107 total picks made in the first three rounds makes the largest amount since 1995 that had 101 picks. The Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns are tied with four total picks each for the most out of any team awarded.

For the longest time teams were locked into their Compensatory Picks and not allowed to trade them but recent rule changes make the 2017 NFL Draft the first year teams can trade their Compensatory Picks.


Third round

97th overall: Miami Dolphins

98th overall: Carolina Panthers

99th overall: Baltimore Ravens

100th overall: Los Angeles Rams

101st overall: Denver Broncos

102nd overall: Seattle Seahawks

103rd overall: Cleveland Browns

104th overall: Kansas City Chiefs

105th overall: Pittsburgh Steelers

106th overall: Seattle Seahawks

107th overall: New York Jets


Fourth round

138th overall: Cincinnati Bengals

139th overall: Cleveland Browns

141st overall: Los Angeles Rams

142nd overall: Cleveland Browns

143rd overall: San Francisco 49ers

144th overall: Indianapolis Colts


Fifth round

178th overall: Cincinnati Bengals

179th overall: Denver Broncos

180th overall: Miami Dolphins

181st overall: Arizona Cardinals

182nd overall: Kansas City Chiefs

183rd overall: Cleveland Browns

184th overall: Green Bay Packers

185th overall: New England Patriots

186th overall: Miami Dolphins


Sixth round

218th overall: Kansas City Chiefs

219th overall: Cincinnati Bengals

220th overall: Kansas City Chiefs


Seventh round

253rd overall: Cincinnati Bengals

254th overall: Denver Broncos

255th overall: Denver Broncos

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