Final 2018 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

We are on the verge of a historic quarterback class as four quarterbacks have never gone in the first round with Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield all could go in the top five. Not only see those four go in the top 10 but it wouldn’t be a shock to see Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph also go in the first round seeing six go in the first round total. While most already know about the top five there is still plenty of talent throughout the rankings with several other mid round picks like Kyle Lauletta and Kurt Benkert who could be the next Kirk Cousins type of quarterback. Here is a look at our 2018 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings.

Final 2018 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

1 Josh Rosen UCLA JR 6’4 210

2 Sam Darnold USC SO 6’4 225

3 Baker Mayfield Oklahoma SR 6’1 209

4 Josh Allen Wyoming JR 6’5 222

5 Lamar Jackson Louisville JR 6’3 205

6 Kyle Lauletta Richmond SR 6’2 215

7 Chase Litton Marshall JR 6’6 207

8 Mike White Western Kentucky SR 6’4 225

9 Kurt Benkert Virginia SR 6’4 215

10 Tanner Lee Nebraska JR 6’4 220

11 Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State SR 6’5 235

12 Riley Furgeson Memphis SR 6’4 210

13 Logan Woodside Toledo SR 6’1 201

14 Luke Falk Washington State JR 6’4 214

15 Austin Allen Arkansas SR 6’1 209

16 Quinton Flowers South Florida SR 6’0 210

17 Kevin Anderson Fordham SR 6’2 195

18 JT Barrett Ohio State SR 6’2 225

19 Richard Lagow Indiana SR 6’6 240

20 Wilton Speight Michigan SR 6’6 243

21 Brandon Silvers Troy SR 6’3 219

22 Johnny Stanton UNLV SR 6’2 245

23 Nick Stevens Colorado State SR 6’3 190

24 Matt Linehan Idaho SR 6’3 214


  1. Not many people are talking about Tanner Lee of Nebraska, and I don’t know why. This guy has great potential! Personally, I think he should be closer to 5 or 6.

    • Yeah he’s got potential but he’s had a rough year with 10 interceptions with several pick sixes. That has really affected his stock.

      • I’ve looked back at Tanner Lee’s games this year, and you can’t place all the interceptions squarely on his shoulders. That Offensive line is pretty bad, and the receivers like to not catch the ball. Also if you’re just looking at interceptions, Sam Darnold should drop quite a few spots then.

        • Oh I agree completely with you. The INT vs Wisconsin bounced off of the RB’s shoulder and popped up. One of the INT’s vs Oregon went right through Morgan’s hands. Can’t place the blame solely on him. But he did struggle with some decision making early in the season. He’s improved on it and could really use the remainder of the season to build his stock back up. Also the ranking here is currently on summer film study. So when I’m able to break some more of his film down his spot could very well change.

    • Zero shot at being a strong NFL player. No accuracy and a turnover machine. His work in the all-star game was even worse.

  2. Just wondering why Nic Shimonek from Texas Tech isn’t on this list. 6’4″ 197 lbs 65% Comp. I know he only played one full year but he should be in the top 25 of QBs this draft season.

    • I haven’t watched Shimonek yet. I have a policy that I won’t rank players till I watch him. Hopefully soon I can get to him and then I’ll have him up there. Thanks for contacting me!

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