4 Reasons David Edwards is Elite

Wisconsin is widely known for their offensive line that has had 11 lineman drafted in the past ten years. This includes the likes of Joe Thomas, Kevin Zeitler, Travis Frederick, Ricky Wagner and Ryan Ramczyk who are all considered top players at their position. This year the Badgers are one of the favorites to make a run at the College Football Playoff and a big reason for that is their offensive line that has three prospects all considered top 5 at their position. The best of that group is David Edwards and we’ll look at four reasons why he’s considered an elite RT.

4 Reasons David Edwards is Elite

1. Skilled in Pass Protection

Despite the Badgers being know for their powerful rushing attack, they still throw the ball a good amount and their lineman have pass protection skills as they enter the league. David Edwards is a prime example of this as he uses his quickness to either jump the defensive end in quick sets or in his drops gaining depth and putting him in a position to win initially. From there Edwards plays with good balance and gets his hands inside to grab and lock down defenders. Edwards has the ability to get depth and cut off the likes of Nick Bosa but also the strength to go against bigger defensive ends and tackles. He’s got the complete package.


2. Movement Skills

Despite his big size, Edwards is light on his feet and that shows up in everything he does. In pass protection he’s uses his lateral agility and burst to mirror defenders trying to get after the quarterback. Edwards shows the burst to attack pass rushers while quick setting, but can also kick step and get depth against those rushers coming from out wide. In the run game he is used to pull at times but his athletic ability really shows up when he combo blocks and is able to get to the second level. After watching him it shouldn’t surprise anybody he was an option quarterback in high school.


3. Strength

His movement skills will get Edwards in the right position, but when you add in his strength and power it makes him an even more impressive blocker. In the run game Edwards has the power to drive opponents off their spot to open up running lanes while also able to get his hands inside and use that strength to steer and turn defenders to seal them off. In pass protection he has the power to anchor in against pass rushers trying to bull rush him and also push defenders out of the way.


4. Size and Length

At 6’7 319lbs Edwards has the height, weight and perceived length of the prototypical offensive tackle. His size can be an issue where smaller defenders can get underneath him at times, but his length and athletic ability to put himself in a good position to combat smaller defenders. Against good speed rushers Edwards at times can struggle with great depth but can uses his length to still cut the rushers from turning the corner and push them past the pocket.

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