5 Reasons Jarrett Stidham Could be the Top QB in 2019

Since coming out of high school as a 5 Star recruit, Jarrett Stidham has produced whenever he has had a chance on the field. Whether it was at Baylor taking over mid season or after he transferred to Auburn. Here we’ll look at five reasons why Jarrett Stidham could be the top quarterback prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft if he declares.

5 Reason Jarrett Stidham Could be the Top QB in 2019

1. Touch and Anticipation

We can talk about arm strength all day long (and Stidham has it) but what stands out about Stidham is his ability to throw with touch at all three levels. While he is able to lighten up and not rifle the ball in on crossers and screens, it’s his deep throws that really stand out dropping the ball into his receivers on stride. Stidham also shows that he can throw with anticipation as he’s able to make a throw before the receiver makes his break making it near impossible for defenders to make a play on the ball.


2. Accuracy

There are times where Stidham’s ball placement can be off, especially on crossing type routes, but when you asked him to throw come back type routes, outs and down the field his ball placement is nearly right on. Equal parts timing, arm strength and touch allow Stidham to get the ball quick to the receivers and put it in a place where they are able to turn and make plays. Auburn puts Stidham on the move frequently where he shows that he can be on the move and still deliver an accurate throw.


3. Quick Release

A big part of Auburn’s offense is quick hitting passes that compliment their multidimensional rushing attack where Stidham that ask him to not only make that fast read but then get the ball out quick. Stidham can change up his arm slot throwing both three quarters and side arm on his short throws to get the ball out quicker and to elude the hands of the defenders. In today’s quick strike attack that is sweeping the league, Stidham already has experience.


4. Pocket Movement

Stidham is never going to be confused for Cam Newton, Marcus Mariota or Lamar Jackson, but his ability to maneuver within the pocket is a big key to his success. Within the pocket Stidham has shown the ability to feel pressure and slide up and over to find an opening and deliver a throw. A big part of his success is his lateral quickness that allows him to step up but also elude a defender to can break free. Stidham also has the athletic ability to be used on the move to make throws but he can also extend plays if the pocket breaks down while also scrambling to pick up extra yards.


5. Battle Tested

Stidham’s record and stats against the top competition he played is not great, but he’s played against some high end defenses that are loaded with NFL talent. Both Clemson, LSU and Georgia gave him fits but against Georgia in their first game and Alabama Stidham thrived and was a big reason the Tigers won both of those games. Stidham will be tested again this year as the Tigers play Washington, Georgia and the rest of the SEC West giving him a chance to show NFL teams that he can win and succeed against the best college football has to offer.

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