Adonis Alexander Applies for Supplemental Draft

On June 1st it was announced that Virginia Tech cornerback Adonis Alexander had been dismissed from the Hokie football team raising some questions on whether he could be transferring to another school. However it didn’t take long for word to come out that Adonis Alexander applied for Supplemental Draft.

What is the Supplemental Draft?

If you’re not familiar with the Supplemental Draft it is there for prospects who did not declare for the draft as an underclassmen but were ruled ineligible for the upcoming season. Several players have been selected in the Supplemental Draft that have gone on to success like Chris Carter, Bernie Kosar, Ahmad Brooks, Terrelle Pryor and Josh Gordon. Teams are given the option to submit a claim with which round they want to select the player. If they win their claim they forfeit that round pick in the next NFL Draft. If the player goes unclaimed then they become a free agent immediately.


What type of Player is Adonis Alexander?

Alexander has been a big part of Virginia Tech’s defense combining with Greg Stroman and Brandon Facyson gave the Hokies three quality corners that could match up with any opponents receiving core. Out of the three corners Alexander had the most upside bringing in tremendous athletic ability with a reported 41″ vertical leap and a sup 4.50 40 yard dash. This is in addition to Alexander being 6’3 and 200lbs.

The big question on Alexander is he is still a raw prospect. Blessed with being a good athlete Alexander far too often relied on that ability to stick with receivers but too often would give up catches because of poor technique or couldn’t make a play on the ball because he wasn’t in the right position. The thought was if he could go back for his senior year and improve on his technique, he could have the potential to be a high day two prospect.


Where could Adonis Alexander Go in the Supplemental Draft?

Normally a big athletic cornerback would be a prime pick for a 3rd round pick, but you have to remember with the Supplemental Draft is players tend to go lower than expected because that team has to give up their pick in next year’s draft. So it’s safe to say that players tend to go a round or two lower than they normally would. Something else to remember is that Alexander has had issues staying on the field at Virginia Tech. Not mentioning being academically ineligible for next season, Alexander also got suspended for two games for violating team rules and was picked up for marijuana chargers another time. This issues along with taking a raw prospect likely means Alexander is looking at being claimed somewhere in the 5th – 7th round range to a team that plays a lot of press man coverage and prefers to have bigger cornerbacks.

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