Akeem Davis-Gaither NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’2 Weight: 219 School: Appalachian State


  • Excellent range , highlighted by his effort that pops everytime you put on his tape. PHYSICAL! Brings it every game
  • Slippery in his gap shooting ability , quick hitter , sees a gap and comes down hill with bad intentions
  • Short area quickness is his best attribute, quick feet, fluid athlete
  • Good instincts, savvy player ALWAYS finds his way around the football
  • Effective tackler , closes down on opponents quickly and has explosive pads
  • Coverage skills flashed at times at App State, Loose hips he won’t have a problem dropping back in zone.


  • Undersized , it didn’t hurt him in college but going forward he needs to add about 25 pounds to play consistently at the next level.
  • Block shedding is something Akeem struggles in, hands aren’t heavy and gets into to many battles with interior lineman.
  • Inexperienced at linebacker only played two full seasons at App State.


ADG is exactly what all NFL coaches are looking for in the age NFL, Fast, physical and with good instincts. His range jumps off the screen, always seems to be around the football making big time plays. Short area quickness is something ADG brings to the table, quick feet and great fluid footwork is a great part of his game. Physical player, his gap shooting ability is big time, sees his opening comes downhill quickly and blows up blockers. Coverage are a above part of ADG game , loose hips and great feet make him usable in zone and man coverage. Shedding blocks is something that he needs to work on, gets caught engaged with to many big bodies in the shuffle. He is undersized and that did show up at times on film, he needs to put on some bulk I think he has the frame for it.


ADG lit it up at the senior bowl getting a huge buzz started around the about where he may go in the draft. He is a a prototypical special teamed and nickel / dime linebacker in the league. ADG is a fast and physical LB that is most likely a day two / early day three pick in the April draft. Teams like the Ravens and Browns are two teams that could use his services. ADG is going to be one of the steals of the draft. Mark it down!

Player Comparison: Darius Leonard

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