Alaric Jackson | Does Iowa have 2 1st Round Tackles

While schools will produce multiple first round picks on a yearly basis, having a school produce two first round picks at the same position is very rare. But it was the Iowa Hawkeyes that did this last years as tight ends TJ Hockenson and Noah Fant were taken in the top 20 picks. Now the Hawkeyes have two ultra talented junior offensive tackles. While we looked at Tristian Wirfs previously today we’ll look at left tackle Alaric Jackson and whether he has what it takes to be considered a first round pick in the NFL Draft.

What Alaric Jackson Does Well

Alaric Jackson is at his best when he is able to get his hands on you and lock you down. Utilizing his strong hands Alaric Jackson is able to get those hands inside clamping down and then showing the lateral agility to slide with the defender mirroring their movements. Even if Jackson isn’t able to lock into the defender he does show the ability to use his length to his advantage keeping the defender off his body and even pushing the pass rusher past the pocket to prevent them from turning the corner.

Concerns about Alaric Jackson

While Alaric Jackson is able to mirror defenders it’s normally after he’s been able to lock on and help control their movements with his strong hands. When moving laterally in space Jackson lacks the quick bursts to consistently cut off the edge and can get caught leaning leaving him vulnerable to power moves that could knock him off his balance.

Alaric Jackson NFL Draft Outlook

With Alaric Jackson’s ability to use his upper body strength to lock down defenders and move them out of the way along with some quality lateral movements he starting upside. However the thought of him being a first round pick that this stage is a bit premature. I just have too big of a concern about his balance issues along with some limitations getting depth to consistently cut off the edge. At this point it looks like Jackson is the type of prospect that will hear his name come off the board in the third round.

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