2020 NFL Mock Draft

2020 NFL Mock Draft | Johannes

October 15, 2019 Brian Johannes 2

The Mock Draft, the stable of the Pre-Draft Process. While some analysts or writers hate doing mock drafts I embrace them because it’s what got me hooked on the draft and it’s always one of the most popular and discussed things you can do. Here at NFL Draft Geek this is our calling card and…

Jalen Hurts Scouting Report

Jalen Hurts Scouting Report Video

October 12, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

One of the biggest transfers in college football this year was Jalen Hurts going to Oklahoma after winning a National Championship at Alabama. Not only has Hurts kept the Sooners in the hunt for a National Championship but under Lincoln Riley he's taken great leaps in his play and is now looking like a legit…

College Football Scouting Guide

College Football Scouting Guide | Week 8

October 10, 2019 Brian Johannes 1

After 7 weeks we are beginning to see the true colors of a lot of these teams but we’re also in the heart of conference play which means we get some pretty good battles between top teams. This week is no different with a big clash in the SEC West followed up by the Pac…

2020 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

2020 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

October 10, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

With the march towards the 2020 NFL Draft begun we have been busy at work watching prospects and build up our very own draft rankings. At this stage on the process we're continuing to watch and evaluate prospects but feel very confident that we've seen most of the top prospects and thus it's the perfect…

2020 NFL Draft Edge Rankings

2020 NFL Draft Edge Rankings

October 9, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

Pass rushers will always be a vital part of success for teams but with this new age of offenses and the rules that limit what defensive backs can do, the importance of good pass rushers is at an all time high. In our 2020 NFL Draft Edge Rankings we take a look at the draft…

2020 Mock Draft

2020 NFL Mock Draft | Olson

October 8, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

The stable of NFL Draft coverage the Mock Draft is our way of blending team needs, projecting the NFL standings and player evaluation all in one. In this 2020 Mock Draft I preview how the NFL season will unfold after five weeks while mixing in where I think the top prospects could fit in with…

Joe Burrow Scouting Report

Joe Burrow Scouting Report Video

October 4, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

After Joe Burrow's first season at LSU, there wasn't much for hype around him as he looked more like a game manager who just need to keep defenses honest. But when Joe Brady came to the Tigers from the New Orleans Saints, the Tigers passing attack was modernized and Burrow has exploded. With Burrow's success…

Justin Herbert Scouting Report

Justin Herbert Scouting Report Video

September 15, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

Since Justin Herbert made his debut a couple years back he has been a quarterback that has been widely discussed because of his sky high potential. Last year we took a look at his performance against Stanford and some even said he would be the first quarterback taken if he declared last year. But as…

2020 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Rankings

2020 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Rankings

September 9, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

In today's NFL with the rule changes that hinder defensive backs it's never been easier for receivers to take over and put up some eye popping numbers. With players like Julio Jones, Tyreek Hill, Antonio Brown and Michael Thomas dominating the NFL, teams are always looking for the next great receiver. Our 2020 NFL Draft…

Jordan Love Scouting Report

Jordan Love Scouting Report Video

September 7, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

Through this summer and into the season Jordan Love has been getting plenty of love by those in the NFL Draft community. Whether it's being mocked in the Top 10 or being ranked by several draft analysts ranking him in their top 20 prospects. We even took a look at whether Love could crash the…