College Football Scouting Guide

College Football Scouting Guide | Week 12

November 13, 2019 Brian Johannes 1

Normally in the College Football Scouting Guide I take a look at the best games at each time slot, but with three marquee games during the afternoon game I decided to highlight the four best games of the entire day.  Through the 12 weeks of doing the Scouting Guides the Clemson Tigers have appeared just…

LSU vs Alabama Scouting Guide

November 8, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

This edition of our College Football Scouting Guides take a look at the NFL Draft Prospects playing in one of the best games of the 2019 College Football season. Both LSU and Alabama are two potential National Championship contenders, but also two teams that not only have elite NFL Draft prospects but have double digit…

2020 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

2020 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

November 8, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

With the 2019 NFL Draft in our rear view mirror we begin to look towards the 2020 NFL Draft. Quarterbacks have always been the focus of the NFL and the draft but the past two years we've seen records being broken for quarterbacks taken in the top 10 and even some giant reaches. What will…

2020 NFL Mock Draft

2020 NFL Mock Draft | Johannes

November 5, 2019 Brian Johannes 2

The Mock Draft, the stable of the Pre-Draft Process. While some analysts or writers hate doing mock drafts I embrace them because it’s what got me hooked on the draft and it’s always one of the most popular and discussed things you can do. Here at NFL Draft Geek this is our calling card and…

Chase Young Scouting Report

Chase Young Scouting Report Video

November 4, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

Heading into the season there was plenty of hype around Chase Young, but the Ohio State defensive end has not only lived up to the hype but he's dominated the competition. So much that he looks like a slam dunk top prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft and a sure fire top 3 pick. Our…

2020 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings

2020 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings

November 3, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

The 2020 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings takes a look at the 2020 tight end class ranking them from best to worse. While this class doesn't seem to have that elite prospect that could push for a top 10 pick, it makes up for it in sheer depth as the sweat spot could be in…

2020 Mock Draft

2020 NFL Mock Draft | Olson

October 29, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

The stable of NFL Draft coverage the Mock Draft is our way of blending team needs, projecting the NFL standings and player evaluation all in one. In this 2020 Mock Draft I preview how the NFL season will unfold while mixing in where I think the top prospects could fit in with each team. 2020…

2019 NFL Draft Offensive Tackle Rankings

2020 NFL Draft Offensive Tackle Rankings

October 28, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

If you look at any of the best teams in the NFL you'll notice that they have a strong offensive line. And while there has been a big emphasis lately on protecting the middle, offensive tackles continue to be a focal point of team building. Gone are the days of having an athletic left tackle…

Jalen Hurts Scouting Report

Jalen Hurts Scouting Report Video

October 12, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

One of the biggest transfers in college football this year was Jalen Hurts going to Oklahoma after winning a National Championship at Alabama. Not only has Hurts kept the Sooners in the hunt for a National Championship but under Lincoln Riley he's taken great leaps in his play and is now looking like a legit…

2020 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

2020 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

October 10, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

With the march towards the 2020 NFL Draft begun we have been busy at work watching prospects and build up our very own draft rankings. At this stage on the process we're continuing to watch and evaluate prospects but feel very confident that we've seen most of the top prospects and thus it's the perfect…