Bills Already Making Waves Ahead of 2018 NFL Draft


Everyone has assumed the Buffalo Bills were going to use their draft ammo to improve their quarterback position this offseason, most likely moving up in the draft. Well, it looks like the first piece of the puzzle may have been put in place with the Bills swapping their 21st overall pick for the Cincinnati Bengals 12th overall pick. However, losing Cordy Glenn for such a move is another clear rebuilding move so we will see how the Bills continue to build their roster through free agency.

According to the NFL Draft Trade Value Chart the Bills new 12th pick and their 22nd pick would be enough to move up to the 4th pick in the Draft. With Indianapolis not needing a quarterback and rumored to be willing to move back, all the Bills would need to do is throw in another third round pick and they realistically could get to 3rd and likely get the third quarterback in the class.

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