The Broncos are in a Great position to find their next Quarterback

Big news dropped at the end of the week when Sports Illustrated college football writer Andy Staples dropped the news that the Denver Broncos requested that Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield be placed on their North Squad which will be great in helping the Broncos find their next quarterback.

For those unaware the Senior Bowl teams are loosely organized based off of North and South destinations and this year the Broncos were coaching the North while the Houston Texans were coaching the South. This is not only huge because it allows the Broncos to work up and close with Mayfield but with Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen accepting his invite that means the Broncos will have the opportunity to coach both Mayfield and Allen on the same team. Houston likely didn’t care that Mayfield wasn’t going to be on their team and freely let him switch teams because as long as Deshaun Watson returns from his ACL injury, they have already their franchise quarterback and won’t be drafting any quarterback early this year or the next several.

Denver is clearly looking for a new quarterback as Paxton Lynch has struggled to make an impact his first two years and looks as if he is the latest first round quarterback bust. Add in that Trevor Siemian has proven he cannot be a bridge quarterback has lead to General Manager John Elway to travel to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl to see Allen play live and was also at the Rose Bowl to see Mayfield take on Georgia.

Having the chance to work up close with these two players before the start of free agency is the best case scenario for Denver and Elway as it allows them to determine if they want to take either of these quarterbacks with the 5th overall pick or if they wanted to take a run at Kirk Cousins. Both Allen and Mayfiled have big time arms delivering highly difficult throws but have big question marks about decision making. Allen will also get an opportunity to prove the critics wrong that his sub 60% completion percentage isn’t something teams should worry about.

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