Can Jared Cornelius Breakout with New Scheme

We see this every year in college football where you see talent in a player but the scheme doesn’t fit their skill set and they flounder. Then a new coach comes in and that player explodes for a huge year and propels himself into the NFL Draft. Combined with Bret Bielema run heavy offense and an injury receiver Jared Cornelius is averaging only 32 yards per game over his career with the Razorbacks. With spread guru Chad Morris replacing Bielema we take a look at whether Cornelius could benefit from this switch.

Who is Jared Cornelius?

At 5’11 207lbs Cornelius is your protypical slot receiver who is a savvy route runner that can find open areas against zone coverage or make sharp cuts to create separation. Combining that route running ability with sure hands and he can be a quarterbacks best friend making catches over the middle but also showing a good catching radius. Cornelius earned All SEC honors by Pro Football Focus because he was a first down machine for the Razorbacks as 69% of his passes were for first downs. For the Razor backs Cornelius was simply a safety value.


How can Chad Morris’ Offense Help

Out with Bielema’s run heavy offense and now Cornelius and the rest of the Arkansas offense will be playing in an uptempo pass heavy attack. While Morris has been the coach of SMU the last several years, the best way to look at what he can do is to turn your attention to Clemson where Morris set the ground work for their explosive offense. Morris wants to push the ball down the field and be aggressive. While Cornelius isn’t a prolific downfield receiver and lacks good athletic traits, this new scheme should open things up underneath for him and also give him more catches in one season than he’s had in the four years he’s seen the field.


Jared Cornelius Outlook

Guys like Sammie Watkins and Courtland Sutton have thrived under Chad Morris, but the player Cornelius most resembles in this offense is Trey Quinn. Now Quinn was lightning quick but as the SMU slot receiver this past year he caught 114 passes for 1,236 yards and 13 touchdowns before being drafted by the Redskins. This had to give Cornelius hope that if he is fully recovered from his Achilles injury that a big season is in his future.

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