Can a Quarterback Drafted in 2018 Win a Super Bowl?

NFL Draft Room” by Marianne O’Leary (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The 2018 draft class has had a lot of focus on it in recent weeks, and one of the main talking points has been the quarterback options at the top of the draft. Partly because there isn’t a clear-cut number one, and partly because at least a couple of big teams are looking for quarterbacks from the draft, to potentially give them someone to build around for the next decade at least.

Baker Mayfield looks to be the most intriguing draft option, and someone is sure to take a punt on him early in the draft. The Denver Broncos clearly like him as they worked with him recently, something which has nailed their colors to the mast if they go down the route of drafting their next quarterback. The Broncos have both an exceptional defense, and a good receiving corps, so this would be a potentially great landing spot for anyone lucky enough to get drafted by Denver.

Another great landing spot for any quarterback would be in New York with the Giants. That would mean having the privilege of being taught the game by Eli Manning, something every young quarterback would want. Sam Darnold looks an interesting proposition for that spot, and recently he spoke about working with Manning, and what an honor that would be.

Eli Manning” by Tom Hanny (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The quarterbacks coming into the league, and their landing spots, are going to have a big impact when it comes to the Super Bowl betting for next year. These quarterbacks will be looking to propel a team into contention right from the off, looking at how other youngsters like Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott and Marcus Mariota have transformed franchises since their draft years. Oddschecker have many free bet offers available, which give the option to place a free bet on the quarterback that you think can take a team to the Super Bowl next season.

We have a unique situation this season where at least two established teams are looking to draft a quarterback. They already have the supporting cast, and don’t need a huge overhaul, potentially making them great landing spots. Whichever two quarterbacks end up in Denver and New York especially will have a lot going for them, and a quick start to their careers would be no surprise when you look at what they will walk into this summer. Perhaps they could find themselves going to a Super Bowl with a new offensive leader around this time in 2019.

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