Justin Layne Scouting Report

Justin Layne Scouting Report Video

March 9, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

After a strong performance at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine there is plenty of buzz surrounding Michigan State cornerback Justin Layne. At 6'2 198lbs with 33" arms, Layne shows the ability to run with receivers while also reacting to the ball in the air. Our Justin Layne Scouting Report Video we take a look at…

Kyler Murray Scouting Report

Kyler Murray Scouting Report Video

February 24, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

After being drafted with the 9th overall pick in the Major League Baseball Draft, not much was thought of Murray going into the 2018 college football season. Instead Murray dazzled his way into our hearts with highlight reel throws and runs and even earned himself the Heisman Trophy. And with all this attention it turned…

Dwayne Haskins Scouting Report

Dwayne Haskins Scouting Report Video

February 21, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

Since his relief performance against Michigan in 2017 there has been a buzz about Dwayne Haskins and he lived up to that in 2018 in his first year as a starter. With his performance Haskins vaulted to the top of the quarterback rankings and is now hoping to be a top 10 pick and the…

Drew Lock Scouting Report

Drew Lock Scouting Report Video

February 17, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

Drew Lock has been a hot name for the NFL Draft for what seems like the past three years. With him finally in the draft the hype continues to shine as he was the top quarterback at the Senior Bowl and is rumored to have a couple of NFL teams very interested in him. We…

Daniel Jones Scouting Report

Daniel Jones Scouting Report Video

February 17, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

With plenty of buzz about the Duke quarterback this summer, Daniel Jones not only lived up to the hype but continued his development and is considered to be one of the top quarterbacks in the 2019 NFL Draft. Our Daniel Jones Video Scouting Report highlights what Jones does well, how he can fit into the…

Quinnen Williams Scouting Report

Quinnen Williams Scouting Report Video

January 30, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

Coming into the 2018 college football season there wasn't many people who knew who Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams was. But given the chance to finally start the sophomore ran with his opportunity and took college football by storm. Williams dominated the competition all the way to being a Heisman Trophy candidate. In our Quinnen…

N'Keal Harry Scouting Report

N’Keal Harry Scouting Report Video

January 27, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

This episode of the NFL Draft Geek Film Room provides a video N’Keal Harry Scouting Report. After breaking down Harry's game in our summer video scouting series, Brian Johannes revisits the Arizona State wide receiver looking at what he does well, which NFL schemes he fits into and why Harry could be one of the…

Chauncy Gardner-Johnson Scouting Report Video

Chauncy Gardner-Johnson Scouting Report Video

January 12, 2019 Brian Johannes 0

In Today's NFL where the three receiver set has become the starting lineup, defenses have had to react by looking for versatile defenders. In our Chauncy Gardner-Johnson Scouting Report Video we take a look at the Florida Gator defensive back. Watch as we break down game tape highlighting Gardner-Johnson's traits, position fit, where he could…

Gardner Minshew Scouting Report

Gardner Minshew Scouting Report Video

December 9, 2018 Brian Johannes 0

Before the season started there wasn't many that knew who Gardner Minshew was let alone if he had an NFL future. However Minshew's emergence help the Cougars nearly reach the Pac 12 Title Game while having Washington State in the College Football Playoff discussion late into the season. Now that the regular season is over…

Josh Allen Kentucky Scouting Report Video

Josh Allen Kentucky Scouting Report Video

November 22, 2018 Brian Johannes 0

It's not too often that we have players in back to back drafts that have the same name, but it's even more infrequent that both of those players would be first round picks. But that's what we have here in a year after Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen went 7th overall to the Buffalo Bills and…