Alabama Football Championship

Two More Alabama Defensive Stars Opt to Enter 2018 NFL Draft

January 18, 2018 Justin Miller 0

On April 26, 2018, the NFL will draft its next wave of star talents into the league, and among them are some very highly rated players out of Alabama who announced themselves to be eligible in the 2018 NFL Draft. As underclassmen, who have until January 15 to file for early draft eligibility, defensive back…

Should the Titans or Raiders sign Kaepernick?

October 2, 2017 Justin Miller 0

With Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota going down with injury once again on the same day, in the same manner as last season, should their teams look to bringing Colin Kaepernick? The likes of EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel don't exactly invoke confidence, even in just spot duty starts. What do you NFL Draft Geeks outside…

Should the Colts look to trade Andrew Luck?

September 21, 2017 Justin Miller 0

Before I get blasted for bringing up an idea that is so extreme, lets look at the reasonings. First off, the Colts roster is atrocious as evident in the last two weeks sans Luck. Chris Ballard is a new GM looking to make his mark on this team and could look for a full rebuild,…