CeeDee Lamb | Oklahoma’s Next 1st Round Receiver

Oklahoma has had no shortage of receivers drafted over the last several years as players like Sterling Shepherd, Dede Westbrook and this past year Marquise Brown. After seeing teammate Marquise Brown selected with the 25th pick, CeeDee Lamb is looking to be the next Oklahoma Sooner receiver to be taken in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Where CeeDee Lamb Wins

The best part of CeeDee Lamb’s game is his ability to go up and get the ball in the air. Lamb is able to do this because of his ability to adjust in the air and use his 6’2 frame to leap up and make catches. Whether it is spinning back on a back shoulder fade or twisting the other direction for an errant throw, Lamb showcases a good catching radius that allows him to make plays even when the situation isn’t perfect. When you pair that up with solid speed and good hands he has the ability to not only make splash plays but also help move the chains.

Concerns about CeeDee Lamb

While CeeDee Lamb has the physical traits that you want out of a receiver and some unteachable skills what is stopping him from being considered an elite receiver is his route running ability. Now this isn’t to say that Lamb can’t run good routes, but isn’t asked to run much more than basic routes. And too often Lamb relies solely on his athletic traits rather than set up defenders to create separation.

CeeDee Lamb NFL Draft Outlook

Normally receivers who are 6’2 Lamb’s deep speed, agility and body control tend to be locks to go in the first round. That is no different here, even in what looks like a loaded receiver class. When you combine all the different things that make up CeeDee Lamb as a player you know that NFL teams are going to covet him. We’re talking about a number one caliber receiver. Someone that can make big plays, get first downs and win in the redzone.

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