Charlie Heck NFL Draft Summer Preview

Heck is a little under the radar right now, which is understandable. He plays right tackle, a position that isn’t very exciting for many, and he plays at a school that is known for basketball and not football. However, Heck is a name that I believe will be a top 50 pick in the 2020 NFL draft and I explain in our Charlie Heck NFL Draft Summer Preview.

What Heck Does Well

Heck has great length and he uses it to his advantage. The 6’7 offensive tackle extends his arms well to keep defenders out of his chest and is very difficult to run around. Of course have a decent ability to move helps that as well. Heck is fairly agile and coordinated in space. This also helps him as a run blocker, allowing him to make blocks at the second level and in space on pulls. Heck also has some power to his game to generate push at the point of attack and anchor down vs stronger pass rushers.

Concerns about Heck

While I think Heck is a good well rounded athlete, I’m not sure i see a great athlete. I doubt he will be among the quickest or the strongest offensive tackles in the coming draft. This perhaps makes his potential somewhat limited. Heck also plays right tackle, which is a less valued position than on the left side. This may make him less valuable in the eyes of scouts.

Charlie Heck NFL Draft Outlook

Heck is a really solid prospect who can really do everything pretty well. So much so that I believe he can be a good starter in the NFL as early as next year. However, I’m not sure Heck will ever be one of the elite offensive tackles in the game. I view him as a similar prospect as Broncos rookie right tackle Dalton Risner and I expect him to be drafted in a similar range (early to middle part of the second round).

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