CJ Conrad | 3 Reasons You Want Him on Your Team

While following the top prospects and finding the next elite players is what most fans care about, it’s players like Kentucky’s CJ Conrad that is going to help fill specific roles that allow those stars to have their success. Conrad has a limited upside but he definitely has the skill set that will and land him on an NFL team and potentially have a long tenure. Here we will take a look at the Wildcat tight end and give three reasons why you would want to him on your favorite NFL team.


3 Reasons You Want CJ Conrad on your Favorite NFL Team



In Kentucky’s offense CJ Conrad is used all over the field to fully utilize his skill set. Depending on the play or formation you may see Conrad line up inline as a traditional tight end, flexed back in an H-back type role, in the backfield as a fullback or even out in the slot as a receiver. With NFL teams spending 18.8% of their offensive snaps in two tight end sets (2nd only to three receiver sets) the need for that second tight end continues to grow. Conrad’s versatility allows him to fill that fullback role along with this traditional tight end responsibilities.



Arguably his best strength, CJ Conrad is a good blocker. Either from the inline position or as a H-Back Conrad uses his hands well to lock onto defenders and then through the use of leverage and his frame he’s able to seal off or occupy blockers long enough for the running back to get by. Your not going to mistake Conrad for a mauler in the run game, but he does show enough upper body strength to steer defenders to better position himself for the block. As a fullback Conrad does well to locate blockers and either engage with them or even cut them allowing the running back to spring free. In pass protection Conrad has the experience to get in the way of blockers and show enough anchor and hand placement to get the job done.


Reliable Target

Conrad isn’t an accomplished pass catcher totaling only 50 catches for 697 yards over his three year career. But don’t let that tell you the full story of his skill set. At 6’5 252lbs he’s got a good frame that he knows how to use to seal off defenders to help him on short passes and in the redzone. Conrad has enough speed that he’s able to stretch the seam and shows the ability to sink his hips in and out of breaks. Now this isn’t to say that Conrad is going to be the next Gronk or Greg Olsen, but he has enough skill set to be a reliable secondary target and be a bit of a safety blanket to quarterbacks checking down.


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