Should the Colts look to trade Andrew Luck?

Before I get blasted for bringing up an idea that is so extreme, lets look at the reasonings. First off, the Colts roster is atrocious as evident in the last two weeks sans Luck. Chris Ballard is a new GM looking to make his mark on this team and could look for a full rebuild, which the assets coming back from a Luck trade would go a long way to shaping a roster.

What teams would have the need to make a huge move, plus the assets to get the trade down. Here are five teams who could realistically fit both.

Jacksonville Jaguars

A team on the rise with one glaring hole at the quarterback position where Bortles has been subpar for most of his career. Think of a healthy Allen Robinson catching passes from Luck paired with Fournette running wild and you have the makings of a three headed monster, and you can start to see why the Jags would instantly become a contender with this trade. The Jaguar’s young defensive players and receivers would be enticing for the Colts when paired with two first round picks. This is a gamble I would love to see for both sides.

Arizona Cardinals

Bruce Arians did wonders with Luck in his rookie season, and should salivate to get him back under center for his squad. The Cardinals have a legit defense with skill players on offense who could shine with Luck, with no offense to Carson Palmer but his best days are behind him at this point. The Cards could offer a package of picks to get this deal done.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos have shown in the past to not be shy about going after big named quarterbacks, a la another former Colt Peyton Manning. While Trevor Siemian has been adequate so far this season, we can all expect him to hit a wall at some point. The roster is built to win now with the biggest hole being at quarterback where 2016 first round pick Paxton Lynch is looking like a bust. Making the bold move to swap a package of picks with Lynch could be enough to get the Broncos back into the Super Bowl and back to annual contenders.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a team on the rebuild but with a ton of optimism with young pieces on the defensive side and Kyle Shannahn  running the offense. Luck woudl give the offensive unit the leader and quarterback to make the pieces surrounding him better. While they may not be in a win now mode, bringing back the local kid to resurrect his hometown team seems like a movie in the making. Not to mention the 49ers have the picks to make this trade work and John Lynch has shown the stones to make questionable moves to better their roster.

Los Angeles Chargers

The roster has some nice young pieces to build around including Melvin Gordon, Hunter Henry, Joey Bosa to name a few. However, the Chargers recent move to Los Angeles has left them playing in front of dismal crowds and the best way to jump start a fandom is to bring in some excitement. Rivers has been steady force in the league since being draft #4 overall in the 2004 draft, but his time is coming to an end and swapping him out for Luck, and a bevy of day one picks could benefit both teams situations.

Vote below on what you think the Colts should do. Don’t forget to leave a comment on why you voted the way you did.

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