Can D’Andre Swift be Georgia’s Next 1st Round RB?

Coming from Philadelphia as a 4 Star recruit it was a major recruiting win for the Bulldogs who got Swift over the likes of Alabama, Clemson and Auburn. Swift wasted little time finding a role on the offense despite having two NFL caliber running backs already on the roster in Sony Michel and Nick Chubb. After a breakout year in 2018, Swift is not draft eligible and ready to carry the load of this offense. Here we take a look at what D’Andre Swift NFL Draft potential is.

What D’Andre Swift Does Well

At his core D’Andre Swift is a tough runner who plays with good contact balance and vision as he’s able to work his way through traffic to eat up yards. A smooth runner it doesn’t look as if Swift is overly fast but he just glides along and before you know it he’s running past defenders. But as Swift lulls you to sleep he shows the explosiveness in his lateral cuts that can help him elude defenders and pick up extra yards. His ability to see holes or seams develop and then have the burst to get there and the balance to withstand both shots makes him a tough runner to tackle.


D’Andre Swift has all the tools to be a successful NFL starting running back. His ability to see the field, absorb hits and start and stop make him a great fit in a man blocking scheme. But Swift’s ability to put a foot down and burst forward and see the backside cut also allow him to fit well in a zone based scheme. As a receiver Swift isn’t featured in Georgia’s passing attack but he has shown the ability to not only make routine catches but even adjust to some balls out of his frame. This all together has the makings of a complete back and someone who could make a push for the first round but at a minimum he’ll be a second round pick.

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