David Montgomery Scouting Report Video | Summer

This episode of the NFL Draft Geek Film Room provides a video David Montgomery Scouting Report. Watch as Brian Johannes highlights what the Iowa State running back does well, which NFL running back he compares to and why Montgomery could be one of the best running backs whenever he enters the NFL Draft.

David Montgomery Scouting Report Video


  1. really slow analysis waiting for film to run while listening to all your stage setting while looking at photo. You need to figure out a more efficient method of conveying information. How about writing your analysis and just run the film clips.

    • Thank you for the constructive criticism. I have changed up how I have done those videos since the David Montgomery one since it was relatively early in the summer. Hopefully you are willing to check out the more recent ones where I went back and edited them after making the video and let me know if you feel that are better or not. Thank you again.

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