Drew Lock Raiders a possibility?

As draft season is in full swing the rumors, innuendo and conjecture run rampant as we try to connect the dots on who each of these teams could be taking come late April. Today we take a look at whether Missouri quarterback Drew Lock could and the Oakland Raiders could become a possibility.

We’ve broken down Drew Lock before but the Missouri senior really set himself apart down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. Part of it may have been the lack of good competition but Lock was able to show off his arm strength, mobility, creativity and most of all personality.

“He’s exactly as advertised,” Gruden said. “I thought he had a touchdown pass dropped. He’s the real deal — he’s got a great future.”

While down there Lock was paired with Raiders head coach John Gruden who worked with him all week long and has done nothing but praise Lock.

What does this mean for Lock and the Raiders?

It’s no secret that John Gruden hasn’t been completely sold on Derek Carr as their quarterback of the future and if you believe the rumors, Carr was available for trade this past season. With the Raiders in a complete rebuild and having the most draft picks in the 2019 NFL Draft, you know that they will be taking a quarterback at some point. But will that be in the later rounds, or could they use one of their three first round picks on a quarterback?

If the Raiders are committed to a full rebuild, it could make sens to pull of this move. Draft a young quarterback to build the team around while taking advantage of Lock’s low salary. Then you could trade off Carr to another team to not only get his $19.9 million dollar salary off your books but to accumulate more draft picks. I’m not sure the Giants would give up the 6th overall pick for him, but their second round pick and others would be a possibility. Would the QB needy Redskins trade the 15th pick for him? I mean they are also coached by another Gruden

With three first round picks it’s not out of the question that they could use one of the picks on a quarterback. But you would think that maybe they’d use one of the picks in the 20s to get him. That being said I highly doubt Lock is available that late as the Broncos at 10 have been linked to him and you would assume the Redskins would take him at 15

This means that the Raiders would have to use the 4th overall pick to get Lock. Would the Raiders use the 4th overall pick on Drew Lock? Would he be the first quarterback taken over Dwayne Haskins? It is not as crazy as it sounds. Lock fits what teams still like in their quarterbacks and there was talk that Haskins could be available later on in the draft. I’m not sold that this is going to happen, but maybe that’s because I’m not a huge Lock fan. Crazier things could happen.

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