2018 NFL Draft Biggest Losers

The draft is over. After months of projecting and evaluating, these prospects have finally found their new home. And while we certainly know if these are good or bad picks until they’ve actually played significant snaps for their new team, it’s not too early to judge these teams based on our own personal prospect rankings. Some teams got several impact players who I believe will be the foundation moving forward. Other teams, not so much. These teams would be in that second category. Here are my five 2018 NFL Draft Biggest Losers.

2018 NFL Draft Biggest Losers


It’s hard to be a big winner in the draft when you don’t have a first round pick. However, I thought teams in a similar situation like the Rams and Texans had much better drafts that the Chiefs did. While they did make an effort to improve the defensive line with the addition of Breeland Speaks (2nd) and Derrick Nnadi (3rd) I’m not convinced that the defense will see significant improvement. I question both the pass rush and the secondary for the Chiefs going into next season and that hasn’t changed after the draft.



There were a lot of picks the Raiders made that I didn’t like; mostly because of the questions that surrounded them. Kolton Miller is s great athlete, but it’s unclear if he can put it all together on the field. Mo Hurst was a great talent to get on day three, but he has a heart condition that caused him to drop from being a potential first round pick. Arden Key is an unknown from a mental standpoint. Nick Nelson will probably miss all of 2018 with an injury. Just way too many unknowns for me to feel remotely good about this draft.



I didn’t think all that highly of any of the Saints picks from a talent standpoint. Mostly guy who just didn’t move the needle for me. The one guy who did make my top 100 board was Marcus Davenport who the Saints traded their 2019 first round pick to move up to get. He was my 57th overall ranked prospect. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a really good athlete with potential. However, he is nowhere near ready to be a big time pass rusher in the NFL. Currently his skill set revolves around a power rush game having been able to run through most offensive tackles at his level of competition. That’s not going to work in the NFL. He has to develop his ability to get around the edge to reach the potential that New Orleans was obviously in love with. That’s the only way this draft won’t be a total failure for the Saints.



I think the Steelers just completely whiffed on their first round pick. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised at all if their 5th round safety Marcus Allen turned out to be a better pro than 1st round safety Terrell Edmunds. I was also very underwhelmed with their pair of third round picks. They got a guy in Mason Rudolph who best case scenario won’t play at all for a few years and an offensive tackle who doesn’t play to his size with poor technique. This was a shockingly poor draft for a franchise who usually does just about everything right.



Where do I start here? Perhaps with picking Rashaad Penny in the first round as the 2nd running back drafted? Or maybe with them trading up in the fifth round to draft a punter when they have needs at every position? Despite giving us all a feel good story of Shaquem Griffin, the Seahawks butchered this thing at essentially every turn. This was supposed to be the first step in their rebuild where they would wheel and deal to add quality players to create a foundation moving forward. Instead it seems like they won’t really be starting the rebuild until next year when I expect they’ll have a top five pick in the 2019 draft.

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