Greedy Williams NFL Draft Profile

The following is a Greedy Williams NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the LSU cornerback. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting strengths and weaknesses while looking at his NFL player comparison, projection while providing game clips and any other articles and information about him.

Greedy Williams NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’3 Weight: 184 School: LSU


  • Has the speed and acceleration to run deep with receivers.Can quickly and fluidly flip his hips to run with receivers out of press coverage.
  • From the trial position is able to react and change directions with receivers.
  • Plays the ball well in the air often getting his hand in to break up passes or make an interception.
  • Patient off the snap forcing the receiver to commit and not to put himself in a bad position.
  • Able to wrap up the runners legs to make tackles on the perimeter.


  • Due to a lack of bulk he can get pushed around on the outside.
  • Tends to want to avoid contact in the run game
  • Can get a little grabby with receivers while running downfield.
  • Tends to build up speed rather than be explosive
  • Doesn’t use his length and size to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage.


Andraez “Greedy” Williams is a tall lanky press man corner who in the right scheme is a shut down cornerback. Out of press coverage Williams shows patience to let the receiver commit to the route and is able to quickly and fluidly flip his hips to run. Williams isn’t an explosive runner but has the acceleration and long speed to run with defenders down the field. What makes Greedy different than your average press corner is he has good body control that allows him to stick with receivers in and out of breaks from the trail position while also being able to stop and redirection on comeback routes. Williams uses his length and ball tracking skills well to get his hands in to deflect passes as they are getting to the receiver. As a run defender Greedy isn’t aggressive coming forward but will take on receivers to hold his position and dive and wrap up the legs of running backs. His best fit is in a scheme that runs primarily press man coverage, but he has shown the ability to play both off and zone coverage.


Based off of what the team runs for coverages will dictate how you view Geedy’s value. More zone based coverage teams will not be fans of Williams, but those who run high amounts of press coverage will for sure have Williams as a high level first round prospect. Because of this expect Williams to go in the first round with the potential to be a teams number one corner. If he is able to bulk up a bit and show more functional strength it is not out of the question for Greedy to be a multi time Pro Bowler.

Player Comparison: Stephon Gillmore


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GREEDY WILLIAMS SCOUTING REPORT: . Strengths – Incredible combination of length and athletic ability. Has good long speed, acceleration and transition quickness for a 6’3” corner, making him incredibly hard to beat in man coverage. Routinely anticipates routes and breaks in phase with receiver, has the burst to recover and negate any separation conceded early. Remains physical through stem and becomes tough to shake on intermediate routes. Patient mirroring receivers and doesn’t commit hips too early. Ability to turn and run to match deep patterns is impressive. Times plays on ball well and has the length and timing to disrupt the catch point at a high level. Good ball production and adequate hands to capitalize on picks. Shows good awareness in deep zones and locates receivers threatening his third quickly in cover 3. Has flashes of strong press coverage and length proves to be a great asset, but needs to improve consistency and timing . Weaknesses – Stops feet and is susceptible to in breaking routes when aligned in press. Nuanced receivers can get a good beat on him with intricate releases at the line. Timing and consistency of jabs in press needs improvement. Can shoot hands a little late and will miss the opportunity to land disruptive jab. Adding some weight and strength in upper body will help him become more disruptive in press. Has some inconsistency finding the ball with his back to the ball and struggles decelerating and playing throws to the back shoulder. Effort and technique as tackler is severely lacking. Too often a dive tackler who seems uninterested in being an asset in run support. Approach angles can be wild and fails to come to balance and strike, instead diving into contact. Needs to maintain discipline in zone better, will at times follow receivers and vacate responsibility . Outlook – Greedy’s length, athletic ability and man cover skills give him phenomenal upside. In a man heavy scheme, Greedy will thrive and could develop into a pro bowler. I expect him to be a mid first rounder, but his upside alone could boost him into the top 10 . #nfl #nfldraft #nfldraft2019 #cfb #collegefootball #cfbplayoff #nflfootball #lsu

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