How do we handle Jeffery Simmons?

If you are not aware of Jeffery Simmons, then you’re more likely to be this upcoming season as the former 5-Star recruit starts his junior season as arguably Mississippi State’s best defensive player and potential early round NFL Draft pick. However there is much more to the situation as Simmons was arrested and convicted of assault of a women. Which raises the question, how should we handle his situation moving forward?

Jeffery Simmons the Football Player

On the field Simmons uses his 6’4 300lbs frame and power to hold the point of attack and be a good run defender. Simmons is able to take on blockers and use his quickness and some lateral agility to come off blocks and make tackles. He also has the burst and enough speed to chase down ball carriers. Simmons lead all returning defensive tackles with 41 quarterback pressures using quick hands, burst and power to get past or through interior offensive lineman. Simmons has the makings of a defensive tackle that should thrive playing closer to the center than tackles.


Jeffery Simmons Legal Issue

For those of you who are not aware, before Simmons enrolled at Mississippi State he was filmed taking part in a fight that saw him punch a women (who was already on the ground) several times. The video is out there and if you want to go find it, it’s not hard to find. Simmons was found guilty of simple assault and Mississippi State suspended Simmons one game at the start of his freshman season.

How do we handle the Jeffery Simmons Situation?


This was a tough decision for me because as an NFL Draft analyst what could I do? Would I simply just cover him as a NFL Draft prospect and chose to not acknowledge his legal issues? Do I just ignore him all together and not rank him or write any pieces on him, something that I legit considered for Joe Mixon (who was also video taped punching a women). In the process of working through the #100Days of #NFLDraft prospects I started to write this article like I normally would but then stopped and considered not even covering Simmons in the project. But would that do any good?

There are two things that really stand out to me when I think about this. First I firmly believe that hitting a women is something that should never be done. I’ve got two daughters, so this resonates with me a little more. But I also believe that people make mistakes and should be given second chances. And by all reports, this is something that was really out of character for Jeffery Simmons.

So how do we handle this? I’m not sure. I don’t think we can talk about Simmons without mentioning the situations, which is fair. But something that has always bothered me is players that have situations like Simmons tend to get a lot of extra attention and you’ll hear National and internet NFL Draft writers/analysts say, “oh if it weren’t for his off the field issue he’d go much higher” or after the draft when he’s fallen because of the situation he put himself into they’ll say, “this team got a steal because he would have gone higher if it weren’t for his off the field issues.” I have a problem with this. Why do we hype and praise those decisions when there are other prospects who don’t get into trouble are not getting this same attention? I don’t know.

You’ll likely find Jeffery Simmons ranked in our rankings, but I’m not sure how much he’ll be covered be at least me. Is this the right decision? I’m still not sure what to think.


  1. Listen, Jeffrey Simmons is one of the best young men I’ve ever met in my life. As a combat soldier of three conflicts I think that says a lot. What’s not mentioned is that his mother was under attack. So as a son what was he to do. Remember he was a football player, and not protect his mom? I shall think not. Ask yourself what would you have done in that situation. Joe Nixon was hit first, so what was he to do? I’ve never touched any woman, but none have touched me either. In my opinion, we expect these very young men to be robotic or something. If we weren’t human then maybe, we wouldn’t have humanly instincts. Judge this man on his performance on the field because he’s an excellent young man, and we haven’t heard anything from this young man since. Give him a break GOD.

    • Mr. Henley

      First off, thank you for your comment and more importantly thank you for your service.

      Second, the whole tone of the article was not to condemn Jeffery Simmons, but to raise the questions of how should we handle this situation (ignore it, ignore him or continue to talk about it). As you mention that Jeffery hasn’t been in trouble since, which I also mentioned in the article. But striking a women, especially in that manner is a big deal. As someone who covers the NFL Draft we cannot ignore this situation like it never happened. Whenever Jeffery Simmons enters the NFL Draft this will be brought up because it will be an issue with NFL teams. Joe Mixon went in the second round and not the first because he was seen punching a women. Will the same thing happen to Simmons, I don’t know. I have written about Simmons twice since this article and not mentioned anything about it.

      Thank you for your comments.

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