Jah’Shawn Johnson | Defensive Talent in an Unlikely Place

As the NFL continues to evolve the need for good coverage safeties who can also play the run come in high demand. And while Texas Tech has been known more for their high powered passing attack, the defense has slowly been improving over the years. A big reason for that is the play of safety Jah’Shawn Johnson. Here we’ll take a look at Johnson’s traits and NFL outlook.


What Jah’Shawn Johnson Does Well

Johnson’s movement skills allows him to be a multifaceted safety that can play both deep in zone coverage or matching up with receivers. As a deep safety he has the burst and speed to range over and provide help over the top. Through the game Johnson also matches up with receivers in the slot and shows the ability to play both press and off and can run with receivers either deep or on quick type routes. Johnson has had plenty of production in the run game as he is 65 tackles away from being in the Red Raiders Top 10 All Time tackler leader.


Concerns about Jah’Shawn Johnson

While Johnson has all that tackle production he isn’t not a great tackler. Now not every safety is John Lynch coming down and laying dudes out, but Johnson isn’t physical at all and often avoid the contact to grab a hold of the runner from behind to drag them down. This may work in college, but in the NFL that is not going to be as successful. In coverage he shows the movement skills to be a good cover safety, but really doesn’t do a good job of locking down the receivers or providing good ball production.



As a four year starter who has been a two time captain and has good movement skills, there is a lot to like about Jah’Shawn Johnson, but watching him on tape seems to leave you wanting move. Part of the issue is that Johnson is solid in about every area but isn’t good or great in any area. Johnson will have a lot of suitors because he can play free safety but he has a lot to work on but looks like he should be a solid back up that could play both free and strong.

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