Jake Browning NFL Draft Fit

As we continue to go through 2019 prospects we’ll continue to highlight different prospects that will go throughout the NFL Draft and not just the first round. Today we’ll look a the Jake Browning NFL Draft fit and where he could end up going in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Where is Jake Browning NFL Draft Fit?

There is a lot to like with Jake Browning as he started his first three years at Washington and helped the Huskies reach the College Football playoff in his sophomore season. Throughout Browning’s three years as a stater he has completed over 64% of his passes while throwing for 9,104 yards. But Browning’s biggest statistical achievement is his passer rating of 153.3 is one of the best over those three years showing his passing efficiency.

But as we know stats can be deceiving and not tell the whole story when it comes to the NFL Draft teams look at traits and how they translate to the NFL. Browning has NFL traits in that he has above average accuracy and ball placement on his short to intermediate throws getting the ball to his weapons in a position to continue to run. The biggest knock on Browning is his lack of arm strength. This can cause Browning’s passes to float at times and on longer throws allow the defenders to recover and make plays on the ball. To combat this Browning has shown the ability on his deeper passes to throw with touch and anticipation having to throw the ball before the WR makes his break and run to the ball.

So where does Browning fit in the NFL Draft and the NFL in general? In both the 2016 and 2017 drafts we saw Cody Kessler and CJ Beathard where both taken in the third round, higher than most Draftniks thought they’d go. The theory behind these picks as both the Browns and 49ers were drafting intelligent, accomplished quarterbacks that could be high end backups. While Browning may not have the skill set to warrant a third round pick, his ability to throw with touch and anticipation and be a ceribrial quarterback could allow teams to view him as a good backup quarterback who can help out the starter while coming in on spot duty and not hurt the team.

Browning will also get some Kellen Moore comparisions naturally because of the Chris Peterson connection and the fact that both lack good arm strength. But it’s not too far off in that both quarterbacks know how to run an offense and distrubute the ball. Moore has stuck around in the NFL for quite a while and is now the Cowboys quarterback coach. Browning has more more physical talent than Moore, so that should lend him to having a more accomplished NFL career.

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