Jeffery Simmons NFL Draft Profile

The following is a 2019 Jeffery Simmons NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the Mississippi State Defenisve Linemen. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting strengths and weaknesses while looking at his NFL player comparison and his projection. Here at NFL Draft Geek we also like to provide all of our play cut ups, video breakdowns and any other important articles that will give our full view of who we think he is as a prospect.

Jeffery Simmons NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’3 Weight: 301 School: Mississippi State


  • Has real good burst off the line. Covers a lot of ground in a hurry, makes him a dangerous pass rusher.
  • Is country strong. Bullies offensive linemen with strength and can stand up to and beat double teams.
  • Has an elite anchor. Uses arms to create separation and plays with good leverage making it very hard to move him.
  • Heavy handed. Uses initial punch to gain advantage and steer offensive linemen where he wants.
  • Motor is relentless. Is a consistently in opponents backfield.
  • Versatile, has some experience lining up inside and outside where he showed surprising bend for a man his size.


  • Tackling can be hit or miss at times. Misses more tackles than he should.
  • Balance issues rear pop up at times. Can get caught leaning and in turn end up on the ground.
  • Tore ACL in pre-draft process
  • Well documented domestic assault incident in 2016


Jeffery Simmons was one of the most impressive defensive players in the entire nation last season and in turn catapulted himself into early first round consideration. That may have changed with his ACL injury but regardless Simmons is insanely talented. His burst off the snap is really good and he converts that quickness into power about as well as anyone in this class. His is an elite penetrator and plays with a boat load of strength. At times he struggles to disengage with offensive linemen which can allow ball carriers to skirt past him and he has a penchant for getting caught leaning which might be his biggest are of concern. These negatives are relatively minor and are far out shadowed by his up field push and pass rush ability.


Simmons is a tough projection despite his elite attributes due to two factors. His ACL injury and a domestic assault incident that occurred in 2016. Teams will have to be comfortable with not having Simmons in year one and also be positive that the 2016 incident was an aberration and not a reflection of Simmons true character. He likely has fallen out of the first round but should be an early second round pick who should pay huge dividends if he can fully recover from his injury and stays on the straight and narrow as he possesses Pro-Bowl potential.

NFL Comparison: Chris Jones

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