Joe Burrow Scouting Report Videos

After Joe Burrow’s first season at LSU, there wasn’t much for hype around him as he looked more like a game manager who just need to keep defenses honest. But when Joe Brady came to the Tigers from the New Orleans Saints, the Tigers passing attack was modernized and Burrow was able to lead the Tigers to a National Title win along with the Heisman Trophy. Listed below are two Joe Burrow Scouting Report Videos. The first is after the Texas game as we started to see Burrow’s climb while the second takes a look at both of Burrows games in the College Football playoff. Watch both to see how Burrow is as a prospect and what his potential could be. Not to mention which former number one overall pick and potential Hall of Fame quarterback he compares to.

Joe Burrow Scouting Report Videos

Vs Oklahoma and Clemson

Vs Texas

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