Jordyn Brooks NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’1 Weight: 249 School: Texas Tech


  • Elite gap shooting ability, sees a lane develop and hits it without any hesitation.
  • His range top of the line sideline to sideline speed is great playing in the spread offense – pass happy Big 12 showed that off.
  • High motor that’s jumps off the tape, flies all over the field and chases down plays on the backside.
  • Smooth athlete. Has great Change of direction , covers great in space explosive first step
  • Great flexibility, clean when he has to drop his hips and gear it down


  • Struggles to get off blocks, gets caught with his hands out of place
  • At times over pursues the play and over runs the ball carrier
  • Not many splash plays in his career , only 4 forced turnovers in his time at Texas Tech
  • Physical player and strong player but at times gets overwhelmed by lineman at the point of attack.


Brooks was a highly productive player at the University of Texas tech accumulating 367 tackles during his time in Lubbock. Brooks was a team captain for the Red Raiders. His motor is nonstop high level competitive toughness he flies all over the field with reckless abandon. His sideline to sideline speed really jumps off the tape his ability track down ball carriers is what really set him apart from other linebackers in the country. Fluid athlete, great feet, great first step explosiveness his change of direction is extremely impressive. Of all the linebackers I’ve looked at Brooks gap shooting ability is second to none he sees a hole and fires though it with no no hesitation and bad intentions. Brooks gap shooting ability is obviously his strength, him getting off blocks is something that he struggles at doesn’t always win the hand fight and gets sucked into the line of scrimmage. His aggressiveness plays against him at times, Over pursues and over runs the ball carrier and runs himself out of the play.


I’m really high On Jordyn Brooks going forward, I think he projects as a sub linebackers in the league, he’s going to make an immediate impact on special teams. His speed and football IQ make him attractive to teams that play in a lot of nickel and use a quarterback spy. Day two is where I think we see Brooks come off the board, with Carolina and San Francisco being teams that could be inline for Brooks services.

Player Comparison: Jon Bostic

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