Josh Allen NFL Draft Profile

The following is a 2018 Josh Allen NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the Wyoming signal caller. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting strengths and weaknesses while looking at his NFL comparison and his projection. Here at NFL Draft Geek we also like to provide all of our play cut ups, video breakdowns and any other important articles that will give our full view of who we think he is as a prospect.

Josh Allen NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’5  Weight: 237  School: Wyoming


  • Able to throw with touch down the field dropping the ball to his receivers on stride
  • Elite arm strength allows him to drive the ball down the field and into tight windows
  • Can make accurate throws while on the move to both sides
  • Shows the ability to take some of the speed off the ball on shorter touch throws
  • Good athlete whose able to move within the pocket and extend plays
  • Able to use pump fakes to get defenders to bite
  • Can scan the field and go from one read to another while sitting in the pocket
  • Played in an offense that saw him under center frequently taking drops


  • Career 56.2% completion percentage
  • Doesn’t throw with much anticipation rather having to see the receiver open first
  • Poor lower body mechanics can lead to arrant and off target throws
  • Will get into trouble trying too hard to make a play out of nothing
  • Takes some bad sacks losing big yards instead of burning the ball out of bounds
  • Has the tendency to stare down receivers at times.


Equipped with a rocket for an arm it has allowed Allen to make some impressive throws all over the field. This is both a blessing and a curse for Allen as he looks like a sure fire number one overall pick one play and then the very next can either force the ball into a bad situation or will air mail the ball. A big knock on Allen is his completion percentage which has always been below 60% in both of his seasons at Wyoming. Whether it is his lower body mechanics that need to be fixed, questions over the talent around him or the higher difficult throws it all doesn’t matter as Allen is likely never going to be an overly accurate thrower. Allen also lacks good anticipation and often has to see the receiver get open before he makes the throw. Part of that could be slow recognition skills but it could also be him trusting his cannon for an arm to fit the ball into tighter windows. Allen has all the tools to be successful and his flaw can be minimized with good coaching, but it all depends on where he goes and in what situation.


How Josh Allen does transitioning to the NFL will all depend if he can get on a team that can fix his lower body mechanics and reel in some of his poor decision making. Because Allen is never going to be a pin point accurate thrower he would benefit to being in an offense similar to how Carolina had around Cam Newton early in his career with big bodied receivers who can work downfield and win in contested catches. If this is the case then Allen could have a similar career path to Jay Cutler where he can play like a top 10 quarterback at times but is likely a top half starter in the league. That being said Allen is a classic boom or bust candidate and easily struggle and mill around as a backup for several years.


Player Comparison: Jay Cutler



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