Justin Herbert NFL Draft Profile

The following is a Justin Herbert NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the Oregon quarterback. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting positives and concerns while looking at his NFL player comparison, projection while providing game clips and any other articles and information about him.

Justin Herbert NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’6 Weight: 238lbs School: Oregon


  • Prototypical height (6’6) and weight (238lbs) for the position.
  • Athletic ability allows him to move in the pocket, extend plays or even be used as part of the run game.
  • Shows the ability to go through his progressions to find the open receiver.
  • Can use his eyes to manipulate the safety away from his receivers.
  • Strong arm allows him to fit the ball into tight windows.
  • Is able to show good ball placement putting the ball in the right place for the receiver to make a catch.
  • Able to make accurate throws both in the pocket and rolling to the outside.
  • Shows toughness with his willingness to stay in the pocket and take a hit to make a throw.
  • Is able to show anticipation making throws before receiver makes his break
  • Can make bucket throws down the sideline dropping the ball in stride to his receivers.


  • Accuracy can be inconsistent, especially as throws get longer.
  • Can put too much steam on the ball making it hard for receivers to hold on.
  • Never really put up huge statistical numbers
  • Lacks a true signature game where he took over
  • Has some throws where he will either just throw it up hoping someone will make a play.


If you were going to draw up what an NFL quarterback is suppose to look like then a 6’6 and 228lber with good athletic ability is always a great place to start. Not only does Justin Herbert pass the eye test but he also possesses the arm talent that has him considered one of the elite quarterback prospects in this draft. Herbert’s arm strength is likely the first thing that stands out, but he is much more than just an athletic quarterback with a cannon as Herbert has shown the ability to throw with good ball placement and touch, especially on his short to intermediate throws.

Because Oregon relied on their strong offensive line and good running backs there is a misconception that he is not a refined passer. That is not the case as Herbert has shown countless times on tape his ability to sit in the pocket and go through his progressions while also manipulating the secondary with pump fakes and his eyes. Justin Herbert does need to show more consistency as he can miss receivers on what should be easier throws either sailing them over the receiver or putting too much heat on the ball and making it tough for the receivers to hold on.


Talent is not a question when it refers to Justin Herbert as he has all the tools to be a successful quarterback in the NFL and is considered to be one of the three elite quarterback prospects in this draft. Herbert has the potential to be the best quarterback in this draft class with All Pro potential, but he could easily be just an average run of the mill starter. It all depends on team fit and whether he can grasp the mental side of the game. Because of his potential and injury concerns to Tua Tagovailoa there is a strong possibility that Herbert could be the second quarterback taken, but it would be shocking to see him fall past the 6th overall pick which the quarterback needy Los Angeles Chargers own.

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