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The 2017 Michigan offense was a disaster and a big reason for that was the quarterback play. If it wasn’t for the play of Karan Higdon, it could have been a total loss for the Wolverines  last year. Higdon’s ability to get tough yards and  big plays helped keep the offense in games and took some pressure off the defense to score points. With Higdon now entering his senior year it’s a great time to get to know him even more.


What Karan Higdon Does Well

Karan Higdon is a smooth runner who looks as if he is just gliding along as he maneuvers his way through traffic. That being said, Hidgon is a patient runner with good vision whose able to see creases or lanes open up and then make a move to get to the opening. While Higdon isn’t an explosive back he does have the ability to make quick lateral cuts to get to the hole. From there Hidgon is able to build up speed that allows him to run through arm tackles and get into the second and third levels. Hidgon may not look fast but before you know it he can get a big chunk gain. Another positive trait for Hidgon is that he runs with good balance making it hard to take him down without wrapping up. This allows Hidgon to take on body shots or even run through contact and keep going.



It’s hard to find faults in Hidgon’s game but it’s also hard to find traits that he’s elite in. Higdon tends to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. Now that’s not a bad thing as Hidgon gets by with vision and quick cuts and that does translate to the NFL. But he doesn’t seem to have the traits of a NFL feature back. Instead he looks as if he’d be a good backup running back who has a key role in special teams and be in the league for years to come. Especially if Higdon can show that he can catch passes and run routes from the position.

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