K’Lavon Chaisson NFL Draft Profile

The following is a K’Lavon Chaisson NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the LSU EDGE rusher. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting strengths and weaknesses while looking at his NFL player comparison and projection.

K’Lavon Chaisson NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’4” Weight: 250 School: LSU


  • Explosive first step. Has some serious giddy-up. Amongst the best in the class
  • Covers a ton of ground and gets up field in a hurry.
  • Excellent athlete. Moves very well in space. Changes directions with ease.
  • Very fluid in his movements. Has good bend when turning the corner. Has loose hips and elite body control.
  • Finishes ball carriers when he meets them. Makes plays others would miss out on thanks to athleticism.
  • Has a strong counter game, can win inside and outside.
  • Experienced and successful dropping into coverage. Matches up well with tight ends. A true testament to his athleticism.


  • Relies too much on his speed and athleticism to win. Doesn’t always have a plan.
  • Can run himself too far around the edge and take himself out of plays.
  • Secondary pass rush moves are there but need some refinement. Not the best hand usage.
  • Can be neutralized if his speed rush stalls. Strength is there but not always present in his play.
  • A bit too inconsistent. Disappears for stretches of games.
  • Missed almost all of last season to an ACL injury.


Chaisson is your typical super athletic pass rusher coming out of college. At LSU he consistently won with his explosion and speed and was a constant pain to opposing quarterbacks. He needs to diversify his pass rush repertoire as he likely will not be able to win at the next level solely on his speed and athleticism. That said Chaisson’s tool chest is loaded and with some work and good coaching he will have the opportunity to blossom into a stud pass rusher.


Players with Chaisson’s raw athleticism are rare and highly coveted in the NFL. He needs to develop the rest of his game and has an injury history (Torn ACL) but Chaisson will assuredly be a top 20 pick in the upcoming draft, his athletic tools are simply too much to overlook.

Player Comparison: Melvin Ingram


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