Kristian Fulton NFL Draft Summer Preview

When you are the 6th rated high school cornerback and live in New Orleans it is only fitting that you end up at LSU. And why not? LSU has only continued to produce cornerbacks to the NFL on a regular basis and Kristian Fulton is looking to be the next Tiger to go early in the NFL Draft. In this NFL Draft Summer Preview we’ll take a look at what Fulton does well, what concerns we have for him and what his NFL future may be.

What Fulton Does Well

In LSU’s defense Kristian Fulton lines up as the left cornerback playing primarily press man coverage lined up right on the outside receiver. From there Fulton is able to be patient staying on top of the receiver waiting for them to make their move and then flipping his hips to run with the receiver. Fulton shows good instincts often times reading the route quickly enough that he can move with the receiver to cover him up and have the long speed to run deep. While Fulton plays primarily press cover he will play several snaps in off man coverage where he showcases loose hips that can allow him to change directions in space to put himself in the right position.

Concerns about Fulton

While Fulton moves well and does have the speed to run deep, there are concerns about his overall explosiveness. Now this doesn’t mean that Fulton is a bad athlete or not quick at all. Instead Fulton is just a smooth athlete who just needs to build up his speed. Not a quick twitch athlete Fulton has to put himself into the right position or flip his hips and accelerate to compensate for a lack of explosion so that he doesn’t get beat by the defender.

NFL Outlook

Overall Kristian Fulton is a talented cornerback who does a lot of things well but isn’t elite in any one. Fulton is a solid cornerback who has good instincts and change of direction ability to put himself in the right place which helps because he isn’t a quick twitch athlete. Lacking those athletic traits Fulton isn’t going to be considered an elite cornerback prospect. With continued development Fulton is has the makings of a solid number two cornerback that will be viewed as a Day 2 prospects.

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