NFL Draft All Crush Team

Valentine’s Day is upon us and love is in they air. Around here that means we have seen what’s out there and we have chosen that special person. That one person you can’t get out of your head. Or in this case those five special people.

We are now well into NFL draft season and we’ve watched and rewatched the tape. In some case we go back and watch our favorite players over and over again. Something about them stands out and these players become our draft “crushes”. These are my five NFL Draft crushes.

1) Erik McCoy, IOL, Texas A&M

McCoy is my top rated interior offensive lineman in this class. All he’s done is consistently beat some of the best defensive lineman in college football and future first round picks such as Quinnen Williams and Christian Wilkins. He’s powerful, agile and aware of everything around him. Sadly, he’s overshadowed by some other guys in this class and perhaps lost in a deep offensive line group. Don’t let this fool you, McCoy is a first round talent in this draft and a play and play starter who can anchor an NFL trench for a decade.

2) Darnell Savage, SS, Maryland

Darnell Savage lives up to his name and I’m not talking about Darnell. A violent hitter and a sure tackler, Savage is great run defender who will make his presence felt on the NFL level. However, he is so much more than just an enforcer. Savage has legitimate cover skills and the ability to make plays on the ball. Keep in mind that he’s not a single high safety who can cover sideline to sideline, but he’s great at all the things you could really ask a strong safety to do. I won’t let the one thing he can’t do at a high level take away from the many things he is great at. Accept him for who he is and love him for it.

3) Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis

Looking for the next middle round running back who becomes an NFL Star? Darrell Henderson is my best bet to be that guy. He’s very explosive and has the ability to take it to the house on any given play. And just because he’s great in one area, don’t assume he’s lacking in the others. His vision is good and he’ll find cracks to gash the defense. His ability to break tackles as well as his ability to make a man miss in space are both pretty good as well. Henderson is the epitome of “give him an inch and he’ll take a mile”. Don’t be shocked when he turns out to be one of the top two running backs from this draft.

4) Christian Miller, DE, Alabama

How can it be that the world is overlooking a pass rusher from the University of Alabama? That seems to be the case with Miller. He’s one of the best pure pass rushers in the draft with explosiveness off the line of scrimmage and a natural ability to bend around the edge and get to the quarterback. If you want a guy like Robert Mathis then Miller is the guy for you. At his small size I’m not sure he’ll ever be a great run defender, but as a pass rusher he fantastic. I’d say he’s even better in this department than Kentucky pass rusher Josh Allen who is projected to be a top five pick.

5) Yondy Cajuste, OT, West Virginia

Cajuste is pretty much everything you can want in a franchise left tackle. Excellent pass protector. He slides so fluidly and quickly and combines that with very nice hand usage. Is he the most powerful guy? No. But he’s effective enough in a zone blocking system. And he always has that nasty, chippy attitude you like to see in the trenches. I’ve seen Cajuste projected as low as the second round, but he’s a top ten talent in this draft.

Image courtesy of Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

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