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    Mitchell Trubisky (No. 2 overall), Adam Shaheen (No. 45 overall), Eddie Jackson (No. 112 overall), Tarik Cohen (No. 119 overall), Jordan Morgan (No. 147 overall)

    Review: I’m so confused. Why pick a QB when you are paying a dude 40 mill. Now grant it Tribusky needed time regardless and Glennon is only on a one year contract. But I do not think its the picking of the Quarterback that is the issue but the fact that a veteran GM got played like a fiddle by a Rookie. But this isn’t a bad class at all. Shaheen was over drafted but if given the time and if he loses about 10-15 pounds he could be a very good tight end. Eddie Jackson could be their starter at safety in year 2 and has Pro Bowl potential. Cohen is an electric player and will be a good returner and 3rd down back. Morgan adds solid depth.

    Grade: C-

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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