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    Myles Garrett (No. 1 overall), Jabrill Peppers (No. 25 overall), David Njoku (No. 29 overall), DeShone Kizer (No. 52 overall), Larry Ogunjobi (No. 65 overall), Howard Wilson (No. 126 overall), Roderick Johnson (No. 160 overall), Caleb Brantley (No. 185 overall), Zane Gonzalez (No. 224 overall), Matt Dayes (No. 252 overall)

    Review: If this isn’t the definition of a building block class I don’t know what is. The Browns took the easy pick with Garrett at one then proceed to trade back getting another 1st round pick in next years class to add to the 4 they already had. If anyone can figure out Peppers its Gregg Williams. Njoku is a height, weight, speed guy that could blossom into a dominate player. Kizer will either make this class either very good or great. Its a low risk high reward pick. Ogunjobi is a starting 3 tech.Wilson, Brantley have character concerns but can be good starters.  Johnson could compete for right tackle and Gonzalez will be their starting kicker. Dayes is a scat back in the mold of James White.

    Grade- A+

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