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    What an interesting class this year. Each top quarterback has the potential to be a franchise quarterback or a good quarterback in the right scheme. But the each one has a killer flaw that can take the franchise luster away from them, Darnold’s throwing motion, Josh Allen’s gunslinger mentality for better or worse and Josh Rosens attitude for examples. All the top QBs also lose a key part of their respective offenses as well (disregard Mason Rudolph) Darnold losing the majority of his o-line and Smith-Schuster, Rosen losing his left tackle, Allen missing his topr reciver and rushing option Brain Hill, Deondre Francois losing Dalvin Cook and Luke Faulk losing Gabe Marks and others. So I have made the rankings of players to watch for this season and where they might rank after. Hope you like it and comment below

    1. Sam Darnold USC- Darnold is a very good QB. His throwing motion is bothersome but much like Lonzo Balls shooting form, it just works. He has a good pocket presence and movement and regularly goes through his progressions. He is still a young QB only being a RS Soph there is a chance he goes back just like Luck did. However I don’t think he will if he has a good season. All reports say that he has a great attitude and is humble as all get out. His throwing motion is the problem that people have with him. Only one QB has a made a weird throwing motion work that I can think of and that is Philip Rivers. But I think Darnold adjust and be a star for a team.

    2. Josh Allen Wyoming- His potential is through the roof. He may remind some of first round pick Patrick Mahomes. Allen has the arm to throw form any platform may it be a deep out, a quick slant or sideline out route. He works in the same system that Carson Wentz worked in so he has worked under center. He has a good drop back and has good pocket awareness. But at times he is to early to leave the pocket and scramble. He also needs to work on his footwork in the pocket and read through his progressions more often. His consistency is another issue. He either looks like a Number one pick or a late 6th round pick that doesn’t know what he is doing. It think having some time to develop would be best. Can’t wait to see what he does on Saturday’s this year

    3. Josh Rosen UCLA- He (Outside of Lamar Jackson) is going to be one of the most polarizing prospects in the draft if he comes out. He has a flawless drop back, great pocket mechanics (needs a little tightening but still very good). His throwing motion is good and looks good getting out from under center. He has talent around him but most of that talent hasn’t developed like it should have. He is alright under pressure and he needs to work a little more on his reading through progressions (more of a experience thing). He has everything you look for in a QB. There is one issue that keeps him from being my no.1, his attitude. Rosen’s attitude has been described as prickly and could be an issue if he was the face of a franchise. If he lands with a team that will reign that in he could be a stud.

    4. Deondre Francois FSU- He is the wildcard of this QB class. If he has a great season and shows that he has progressed he could go as high as No.2 in the QB ranking. Francois might be one of the toughest quarterbacks I have ever seen. He was constantly hit and kept getting back up. He is a good passer that has worked under center and has good mechanics all round. However he can sit with the ball a little longer than he should and be inconsistent. Francois is a good athlete and should post good numbers. His Bama game is key to his stock. If he shows franchise QB talent against Alabama his stock will sky rocket.

    5. Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State- Rudolph is an experienced QB that has out up great stats. He has a very good arm and good accuracy all round. He has good pocket mechanics.There is one large issue with Rudolph and that is the fact he plays in a speard offense. He doesn’t really go through progression at times and that is part of the scheme and partially him. He returns all of his weapons so he should progress further in his final season. Some have compared him to Derek Carr and that is a little rich for me but he still could be a good QB

    6. Luke Faulk Washington State- He is a solid all round Quarterback. Good arm that wont bomb it deep but has just enough to get it far. His accuracy and numbers are his selling points for a high pick. He has had 70+ completion percentage the past two years and has a ridiculous amount of passing yards in his career. But much like Rudolph he plays in speard offense and may need a little time to get used to the pro game. Faulk will probably a solid quarterback or maybe a Kirk Cousins esque QB.

    7. Lamar Jackson Louisville- Why do you have him this low you ask. Well it is partially due to the fact that there is mixed feelings if he changes positions. If he stays and shows progress we could be talking about something special. When watching his passing mechanics and pocket presence they are very inconsistent, sometimes he looks real good other times he will look like he shouldn’t be a QB. However his rushing potential from the position is special. His agility and overall ability is fantastic and could be a special weapon. He could be the No.1 pick with a great all round season.

    Small school sleepers

    Brandon Slivers Troy- Soild QB most likely will be a back up in the league but there is nothing wrong with that.

    Devontae Kincade Grambling- Started at Ole Miss then left team and has stared in the FCS. Good accuracy to go with a good arm may be a sneaky player to make it into the top 50 players drafted

    Jeremiah Briscoe Sam Houston State- Throw for 57 touchdowns last season. 57! Won the equivalent of the Heisman trophy and could be a sneaky top 50 pick with a good season like Kincade above.

    The Interesting Case File

    Nick Fitzgerald Mississippi State- He had some great stats last year but was more athlete than thrower. Is actually a very good runner with good vision. If he develops like Prescott did than maybe he could get drafted in the 3rd or 4th. Shows enough arm and ability to be solid player in the league.

    Baker Mayfelid Oklahoma- He plays like a Manzeil type but throws very accurately. The issue is he is 6’0″ and plays in the speard. If he can overcome that he could be a little like Ryan Fitzpatrick.




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