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    Yet another deep class of runningbacks that could make a difference in the NFL. There are two clear cut top runningbacks in Saquon Barkley and Derrius Guice. Then there is the big potiental players like Bo Scarbough, Kalen Ballage, Ronald Jones, and Mike Weber. There is a little of everything in this group. Hope you like it and comment below.

    Saquon Barkley Penn State- His Rose Bowl game is a true masterpiece of his skillset. Barkley has the lower and upper body build as well as the speed of a top tier runningback. Barkley has good vision and a has the most dangerous side step since Shady. He is solid in pass protection and catches the ball with relative ease. One of the issues that I have with Barkley is that he tends to bounce it outside alittle to often. Regardless he could end up being a top 10 pick and a game changer for any team.

    Derrius Guice LSU- The perfect example of playing with proper pad level is this man from LSU. Even behind Fournette he still lead the SEC in rushing and had a ridiculous 7.6 yards per carry. Guice is as physical as Fournette and will run you over at any given time. He has good vision and will hit the hole when he finds it. He doesn’t have break away speed but it probably doesn’t matter since he’ll drag you into the endzone with him. I would like to see him do better in pass pro and catch the ball more. Guice could wind up be RB No.1 by seasons end

    The Senior Runningbacks that will make some noise.

    Nick Chubb and Sony Micheal Georgia- Both were high level recruits and when healthy(In the case of Chubb) or getting more runs (In the case of Micheal) both have the talent to be first round picks. Chubb’s freshman year and part of his sophmore year are great to watch. He uses his low center of gravity and great vision to go with good acceleration and speed to beat defenses. Chubb had an alright junior year but a shadow of his former self. If he can get back to 80% of his freshman level he will be in the late first round conversation. Micheal is a good receiver that if given the chance to start he could be a top level back. If he gets better in pass pro and puts up good numbers in limited time he could be a second round pick.

    Akrum Wadley and James Butler Iowa- Both are backs that are smaller but will beat you with great vision. Wadley is a shifty back while James Butler is the speedier of the two. Both need to get better in pass pro and better receivers. Wadley will most likely be a mid seconder with a good season and James Butler will be a solid late 2nd early 3rd round runningback.

    Royce Freeman Oregon- Freeman was one of the best backs his sophmore year but injuries robbed him of a good junior year. Freeman is a bigger back that has the build and speed to bang it in the middle but still bounce it outside for extra yards. His hands are underrated and he will probably get more touches in the passing game this year. Freeman is more likely best in a two back system similar to what Carolina used with Jonathan Stewart and Deanglo Williams to maximize his talent. But I can see him being a Jordan Howard esque runningback.

    The Breakout or Big potiental players.

    Kalen Ballage Arizona State- He had one of the best games of the year with an 8 touchdown game against Texas Tech. He is an underrated back because he didn’t get the carries he deserved. Ballage has great hands and good speed and acceleration. His vision can be a bit inconsistent partially because he hasn’t been on the field a lot. His production should go up and don’t be surprised if he ends up in the early second or late first round conversation.

    Bo Scarbough Alabama- If Scarbough had not gotten injured in the National Championship game, Bama would have another ring. He is a lot like Derrick Henry except he is a better athlete when it comes to lateral agility. His vision is still developing but when he hits the hole he is a load to stop. With more carries we will see if he is a stud or dud.

    Ronald Jones ll USC- Jones has the speed and acceleration to leave defenses in the dust when given the carries he churns out defenses and will pop a big run when its needed. Jones should be a intresting player this year as he could end up being in the early second round conversation or end up in the 3rd round.

    L.J Scott Michigan State- Scott was a lone bright spot on a bad Michigan State team. He is a big back that loves to get a big amount of carries. He has good vision and has good acceleration. He has good hands in the screen game. He needs to become a better pass protector and might be best a little lighter to maximize his potential.

    Mike Weber Ohio State- He isn’t Elliot but he is still a good back with very good potential. He has a similar build to Nick Chubb but is probably faster. He has good to above average vision and can be a handle full for some defenders. He needs to get better catching the ball and in pass protection but the potential is there for a solid RB 1.


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