2018 NFL Draft Rumors – Updated 4/26

One of the best things about the draft is all of the NFL Draft Rumors that come out from reports and media people throughout this entire process. Some of this comes from contacts from within NFL teams while other may be just hearsay. At NFL Draft Geek we provide you with the recent rumors that are out there so you can stay on top of them while also providing our takes on that said rumor. Hope you enjoy the 2018 NFL Draft Rumors page!

2018 NFL Draft Rumors

April 26th

Saints Poised to Make a Big Move?

Our Take: For the longest time the Saints have been rumored to be looking for Drew Brees’ eventual replacement. For this to happen the Saints would need one of the big 4 quarterbacks to fall out of the top 10 as the Saints really don’t have the draft capital to really make a move that high. Even moving up 10 or more spots they would have to at least give up next year’s first round pick. I highly doubt they’d be able to get one of the Big 4, so they’re likely in the Lamar Jackson territory if they want to get a QB in the first round.


Is Mayfield the Choice for the Browns?

Our Take: Even on the morning of the draft the team with the number one overall pick is still being very coy about who they are going to take. Sure it could be Mayfield, as we’ve stated before there are ties to the comments Scott McCloughan has made. But There are still reports out there that the Browns are just playing the media. I guess we won’t find out till 7:00 CST. You have to assume the NFL Network and ESPN executives are loving all this intrigue. By the way, our money is still on Sam Darnold.


Bears Go CB at 8?

Our Take: Within Breer’s article highlighting draft tidbits for each team he mentions that Bears GM Ryan Pace is a big fan of Ohio State CB Denzel Ward.

But I also know that guys going back to last year’s staff were aware that Pace likes Ward a lot.

Our hesitation to mock Ward to the Bears is scheme fit. While Ward is a stud, Vic Fangio the Bears Defensive Coordinator prefers taller corners and with Kyle Fuller and Prince Amukamara they have two guys over 6’2. Ward could easily play in that system, but the name we’ve heard earlier is they like a guy like Isaiah Oliver out of Colorado. He fits much more in the size category than Ward does.


Vander Esch Slide?

Within the Podcast Matt Miller divulged that 5 teams have taken the Boise State Linebacker off their draft boards because of “neck/spine issues.” This is inline with what Charlie Campbell of Walterfootball and Thor Nystrom of Rotoworld have also reported with his health.

Our Take: If teams are having concerns about his neck and spine that is a big deal as teams don’t want to invest a first round pick on a player that may have a short career. Vander Esch was mocked to the Dallas Cowboys with the 19th pick in my final mock draft, but it wouldn’t be shocked if he slid to the bottom of the first round with these concerns.


Cowboys Not Concerned about Vander Esch’s Injuries

Our Take: As previously talked about the concern about Vander Esch’s injury issues is reportively a concern for at least 5 teams, but as Jean -Jacques Taylor is reporting, the Cowboys have no concern. This is good for people like myself who have mocked LVE to the Cowboys as they have rumored to view him as Brian Urlacher 2.0. Don’t take this as too much of a surprise as prospects are medial fails for some teams and not a problem for other teams. It happens on a yearly basis.

April 25th

Darnold Out of the Mix?

Our Take:  For the longest time the Browns pick seemed to come down to either Sam Darnold or Josh Allen. But a recent report from Browns Insider Mary Kay Cabot sheds new light that Darnold may be out of the mix all together. Now I’ve long thought that all the talk of Allen was just talk and that Darnold would be the pick when it’s all said and done. But this recent news has me thinking otherwise.

Let’s not forget that Scot McCloughan is advising the Browns and GM John Dorsey for this year’s draft and he has publicly stated that he feels Baker Mayfield is the best quarterback in the draft. Could McCloughan be wearing down Dorsey? Allen seems to fit the measurables that Dorsey has gone with in the past but at this point we haven’t seen such uncertainty with the tp overall pick in all the years NFL Draft Geek has been alive.


49ers Covet Edmunds

Our Take: With the recent news of Rueben Foster’s legal issues and possibly being cut if chargers come true it’s not a surprise that the 49ers are in the market for linebackers. Edmunds has a high floor with his traits and young age (19 years old) and versatility to play a number of roles. San Francisco plays the Seattle Style 4-3 Under and Edmunds could be seen as an upgraded version of KJ Wright. If Foster is cleared of the chargers the 49ers would have options to put either Foster at the weakside linebacker and Edmunds inside or even keep Foster as the middle linebacker and have Edmunds play the strongside. Eitehr way the 49ers are getting a talented player who can fit perfectly into their defense.


Ravens Go DL in Round 1?

Within the same article above by Draft Inside Tony Pauline that one prospect that the Ravens are considering is Alabama defensive tackle Da’Ron Payne.

although sources tell me defensive tackle Da’Ron Payne is also in the conversation for that pick.

Our Take: This shouldn’t be a surprise as Alabama prospects are often linked to the Ravens because of GM Ozzie Newsome’s ties to his alma mater. However this is a bit of a surprise to us as the Ravens are deep along the defensive line with Brandon Williams, Chris Wormley, Michael Pierce and Brent Urban. Now those players won’t stop the Ravens from adding a top 20 talent, but would be surprising with big areas of need elsewhere with comparable talent at the 16th pick. But let’s not forget that Ozzie also loves to draft defensive talent.


Chargers Go LB? And not the one you think

Our Take: In Thor’s final mock draft he has the Los Angeles Chargers selecting Alabama LB Rashaan Evans with the 17th overall pick citing that he’s heard internal talk is that the Chargers like Evans. This is a bit surprising since you don’t hear Evans this high and not over Leighton Vander Esch. That being said we have Evans as a higher rated player of the two and the Chargers could use some help at linebacker. We would tend to believe they’d take a defensive tackle like Da’Ron Payne or Vita Vea ahead of Evans but both of those players could be gone and this is a deep tackle class.


April 24th

Browns Options at 4

Our Take: Within the article McShay reports that the Browns will “run up the card” if either Saquon Barkley and/or Bradley Chubb are available. Both Chubb and Barkley have been mocked pretty routinely and both make sense. Barkley would give the Browns an elite running back go to behind a good offensive line, while Chubb would give them the two best pass rushers to come out of the last two drafts and have two young potential elite edge rushers. Barkley seems like their first choice but he seems likely to be the Giants pick at two, so at this point it looks like Chubb could be their guy.


Bills Unlikely to Move Up to 2

Our Take: NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reports that the Bills are unlikely to move up to the 2nd overall pick and are likely to be moving up to the 5th or 6th pick. This goes along with the thought that Giants GM David Gettleman isn’t a fan of trading down and tends to like to stay put and has stated they want to a shot at the second best prospect in the draft. Where as the Broncos and Colts who own the 5th and 6th picks have made no secrets that they are willing to move down to add more picks. If I had to make a guess I would assume that the Bills who are desperate to move up to get a quarterback would fly up to the Broncos if Josh Allen is available to make him their future quarterback.


Could McGlinchey Go in Round 1?

Our Take: While many will agree that Mike McGlinchey isn’t likely viewed as a top 10 pick with the need for tackles in the NFL and this class being pretty weak it could drive up McGlinchey’s value. As former scout and current Bay Area media member Middlekauf notes he would likely be the fall back option if guys like Roquan Smith, Minkah Fitzpatrick and possibly Derwin James are off the board. Something to keep an eye on as players start being drafted.


Dallas Going with Vander Esch?

Our Take: Recently the Cowboys have been linked and then unlinked to Courtland Sutton and now the target may be Vander Esch. The signs are there as Dallas Cowboys have had a lot of success drafting Boise State players in the past and to get this high praise from the Cowboys is telling. Especially since Defensive Coordinator Rob Marinelli was around Urlacher in his time with the Bears. We’ve been hearing Vander Esch is going to go early and the Cowboys could be that landing spot.


Worst Kept Secret in the Draft?

Our Take: Within Tony’s mock draft he slotted Washington DT Vita Vea to the Redskins and called it as the “NFL’s worst kept secret.” This shouldn’t be too big of a surprise as the Redskins had the worst rushing defense in the league last year. Vea is the best run defender in the draft and would fit excellently as their nose tackle in the Redskins 3-4 defense. Da’Ron Payne is another prospect that has been linked for the same role. One thing to remember is that nose tackles tend to go later than we think and this draft class seems loaded with good run defenders.


April 23rd

Browns Back on Sam Darnold?

In Peter King’s latest Monday Morning QB column he did his only mock draft of the year and had several different nuggets including that a source to him says…

And someone I trust, who is very often right and is very well-connected, told me Sunday it’s not Allen.

Our Take: This shouldn’t be a surprise as we have long thought that the pendulum would swing back to Darnold because he possesses a lot of the same physical characteristics as Allen but not to the extreme, plus he’s a lot safer. When you add that King, Tony Pauline and Mike Mayock all are saying they’re hearing/feel that Darnold is going to be the pick then it seems that could be the way. Either way we’ll likely to know a lot closer to draft time who the Browns take.


Dolphins Go CB in Round 1?

Our Take: Cornerback may not be the biggest need for the Dolphins but depending on the way the draft falls the Dolphins may have to go best available player at a position of need and that could be cornerback. Alexander has gotten a lot of attention through the draft media, especially with the Combine performance he put out. We’re not a fan of Alexander that high and have him as our 6th rated corner. However he does offer something different than what they already have with Xavien Howard and Cordrea Tankersley.


Titans Draft Plans Exposed?

Within the article Charlie Campbell notes that he has heard that the Titans are interested in going with an outside linebacker as their top target followed by inside linebacker and then defensive line also including names of Harold Landry, Rashaan Evans and Sam Hubbard as names linked to them.

Our Take: The positions are not a surprise as the Titans offense starters are practically set along with the secondary. Outside linebacker would likely be the most impactful acquisition as the Titans have Brian Okrapo and Derek Morgan, but Kevin Dodd has been a disappointment. Yes Harold Landry would be a good fit, but I feel he is going to go in the top 15. Sam Hubbard fits with what they want to do but is he really worth the 25th overall pick? That leaves Rashaan Evans who is the player that I’ve mocked for a long time. Evans fits inside in their 3-4 defense and would give Vrabel a player he could see as his version of Dont’a Hightower.


April 21st

Pump the Breaks on Sutton to the Cowboys at 19?

Our Take: Veteran Draft Insider Tony Pauline is reporting that the Cowboys are not seeing the SMU WR as a first round prospect. After Dez Bryant was cut and Jason Garrett worked out Sutton at his Pro Day along with bringing him in for a workout it was very popular for analysts to mock Sutton to the Cowboys with the 19th overall pick.

There are two takeaways here. Did working him out at his Pro Day and then privately convince the Cowboys that they don’t like him as much as we think and confirms their 2nd round grade on him? Or is this all a smoke screen? EVERYBODY seemed to be mocking Sutton to the Cowboys and it could have prompted Dallas to leak this information in an effort to cool the talk and possibly prevent teams from moving up ahead of them to grab Sutton?

It is hard to say. We are not huge fans of Sutton who is our 67th rated prospect in the class. While Sutton has good size, he doesn’t always play to the size and doesn’t attack the ball at the catch point like other receivers his size. Where Sutton goes is a mystery, but at this point we think he is still a strong possibility to the Cowboys.


April 20th

Roquan Smith is a Hot Commodity

Our Take: If you are a team who wants to draft Georgia LB Roquan Smith, you may have to go get him because if you wait, you’re going to miss out. Within the last 10 days we’ve seen Tony Pauline link the Colts and Dolphins to Smith while both Todd McShay and John Middlekauf have stated that the Raiders have Smith as their guy. The 49ers have been linked to Tremaine Edmunds, but I would imagine that Smith would be high on their list as well. Don’t forget about the Bears who also have been rumored to taking a linebacker as a possibility. Indianapolis could have the first crack at him especially if Bradley Chubb is off the board but it would be very hard to see the Raiders passing on him if he falls to them.


Packers Identify their DB Targets?

In the same article Pauline mentions that the Packers will either select Alabama’s Minkah Fitzpatrick or Iowa’s Joshua Jackson with the 14th pick stating that even though they need pass rushing help that the secondary is a higher priority.

Our Take: With the depth of this cornerback class and the lack of pass rushers you would think that the Packers would be targeting players like Harold Landry or Marcus Davenport, but they must not be as high on them as us and feel the need to get one of the top defensive backs in the draft.

In new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s defense they will be shifting to the 4-3 and likely prefer bigger corners which makes sense with Jackson who not only has size but is tremendous with the ball in the air. Fitzpatrick on the other hand could be used as a safety to pair with Ha’sean Clinton-Dix and Josh Jones while also having him in the slot predominately. If I had to guess I would assume that Fitzpatrick is gone by then, but Joshua Jackson should be and is likely their pick.

April 19th

Marcus Davenport Going Earlier Than You Think

In the article writer Albert Breer states that he believes the Texas San Antonio DE Marcus Davenport will be drafted within the first 10 to 16 picks of the first round. Breer also cites talking with a college scouting director who says that Davenport has continue to grow physical and his full potential is still ahead of him.

Our Take: This isn’t a surprise to us as we’ve been saying that Marcus Davenport is going to go early in the draft because of a combination of his size, potential and a lack of depth in this edge pass rushing class. It’s clear that Bradley Chubb is going to be the first edge player off the board and then it will come down to Harold Landry and Davenport.

Oakland at ten could be a strong possibility because Davenport’s size and length fit with what Raiders DC Paul Guenther liked and used in Cincinnati. Washington and Green Bay at 13 and 14 could also be options as they both really need to improve their edge rushers. Arizona is a dark horse if they don’t go QB because they could use another traditional DE to play opposite of Chandler Jones in their new 4-3 defense. While it’s outside the top 16 keep an eye on the Seahawks who has lost both Michael Bennett and likely Cliff Avril. Davenport could play the Leo (weakside DE) in their scheme.


April 18th

Could the Patriots Get Josh Rosen?

In the article a source close to Doug Kyed of NESN that the Patriots have expressed interest in UCLA’s Josh Rosen who is the top quarterback on our board.

Our Take: It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Patriots have interest in Rosen because he has the ability to be an elite quarterback and would give the Patriots the heir apparent to Tom Brady, something they don’t have since Jimmy Garoppolo was traded away.

To make this move a couple of things would have to happen. First we would need Rosen to slid a bit in the draft, which isn’t out of the question as we’ve seen teams tied to Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield. We haven’t seen a team that has come out super high on Rosen. With his perceived “why” attitude (it’s insane that it’s an issue) there is a shot he is the 4th quarterback taken and depending on what the Broncos do, he could be available in the second half of the top 10.

New England has the 23rd and 31st picks in the first round and add up to the equivalent of the 9th overall pick. If the Broncos and Giants pass on a quarterback that means that two quarterbacks will be available. The Bills likely move up to get one which means the Patriots need to make sure they get ahead of the Dolphins and Cardinals to get that 4th QB which could be Rosen. It’s not out of the question for this to happen. And if the Patriots get Rosen, good luck AFC East.


Saquon No Go to the Browns?

In the article it references that his agents (Roc Nation) have advised Barkley to tell the Browns not to draft him.

His manager even implored him to pull an Eli Manning and demand that the Browns not draft him. Barkley never considered the option.

Our Take: This shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that a prospect’s representation don’t want them to go to the Browns, especially over the Giants. And while Barkley considered the option, the fact that his agents/manger leaked it to the media has to be a part of their plan to make the Browns nervous about drafting him. Now from all indications Barkley will play for the Browns if they draft him, but you have to wonder if they ware a little hesitant about drafting him? But that all could be moot as the Browns are likely to take either Sam Darnold or Josh Allen with the first pick allowing the Giants to get the first crack at him. The true test is if the Giants go another direction and the Browns are sitting there at 4 .



Will the Vikings take a Defensive End in Round 1?

According to Walter Football’s Draft Tracker the Minnesota Vikings have used their 30 prospect visits to really get to know some of the edge pass rushers in this class including Georgia’s Lorenzo Carter, USC’s Uchenna Nwosu and Rutgers Kemoko Turay. Also noted was that the Vikings have drafted six players the last two years that have been brought in on official workouts.

Our Take: For the longest time we’ve mocked offensive lineman to the Vikings because of the value of guys like Will Hernandez and Isaiah Wynn and Minnesota’s need to strengthen the offensive line. That being said since General Manager Rick Spielman took over in 2012 the Vikings have used 5 of their 9 first round picks on defensive players. With Everson Griffin and Danielle Hunter already established the Vikings could be looking to add another pass rusher to compliment them. However two of the names they have brought in could also play the strongside linebacker position.

Of the names listed only Lorenzo Carter is deamed worthy of a first round pick but even that may be a bit of stretch. The big names like Bradley Chubb, Harold Landry and Marcus Davenport will all likely be long gone by the 30th pick but if the Vikings really want an edge rusher they’ll likely have to settle for guys like Sam Hubbard of Ohio State or Carter. At this point they’d be better off taking the best available player. But with a weak pass rusher class, you could see a team reach.


April 16th

Is Barkley to the Giants a done deal?

Our Take:  While the Giants have been linked to Sam Darnold the possibility that they stay put and draft Barkley is very likely. First they haven’t made a trade yet while teams like the Bills and Jets have moved up already. In David Gettleman’s past he has shown that he likes to stay put and not move around and that could be the case here where they want to get the second best prospect according to their board. Bradley Chubb has been rumored to be a possiblity since Gettleman’s teams have placed a high priority on rushing with just four, but as the article by Jordan Raanan says, “all the Giants moves lead to Saquan Barkley.” It’s hard not to see that, especially with the fact that Gettleman drafted Christian McCaffery 8th overall last year and Barkley is a souped up McCaffery. A lot can change and if the Browns do take Josh Allen with the first pick that could mean Sam Darnold, but don’t count out the Penn State running back.


April 14th

Jets Taking Mayfield over Rosen?

Our Take: Robert Klemko is now the third insider that has linked Mayfield to the Jets along with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and Tony Pauline all saying that they could see the Oklahoma signal caller being the pick for the Jets at three. This is interesting as both Josh Allen and Josh Rosen could be available if Sam Darnold goes to the Browns.

In the past we’ve heard that Jets GM Mike Maccagnan likes bigger quarterbacks and we saw that when they drafted Christian Hackenburg a couple years back in the second round. Drafting Mayfield over Allen and Rosen would be a bit surprising but Josh Allen could be too similar to Hackenburg and Rosen’s personality may not coincide with Maccagnan. We often see teams go the opposite of what didn’t work and Mayfield would be the opposite of Hackenbrug and his competitiveness and leadership could be what this team needs.


April 12th

Denver Trading Down?

Our Take: In the article Breer highlights that the Broncos could be moving down if the quarterback that is available is not the one that they want. With the Bills and possibly the Cardinals looking to move up the Broncos could be in a spot where teams look to move up to get that fourth quarterback.

This wouldn’t be a surprise if the Broncos did move down as they signed Case Keenum and still may be willing to give Paxton Lynch another shot. The Rumored names are Denzel Ward and Quenton Nelson. The big issue would be how far the Broncos end up trading down. Ward could easily be available with the 12th pick, but Nelson is likely long gone with the Bucs, Bears and 49ers all in the market.


March 29th

Are the Chargers taking Lamar Jackson in Round 1?

Our Take: Word got out by NFL Media’s Mike Mayock that teams were struggling to arrange meetings with Lamar Jackson largely due to him not having an agent. That changed with his Pro Day where teams finally got a chance to meet him face to face and the Chargers took the opportunity to met individually with Jackson after his pro day was done.

The Chargers are definitely in the quarterback market with Phillip Rivers who is 36 years old and has two years remaining on his contract. The time to find a quarterback and develop him behind Rivers is now and the Chargers could look to the former Heisman Trophy Winner. Jackson has the traits to be a successful NFL quarterback but just needs some time. Sitting and learning behind Rivers could allow him that much need time to fix his subtle issues before stepping into a starting role.


March 26th

Derrius Guice to Steelers in Round 1?

Our Take: With Le’Veon Bell likely in his final year with the Steelers it’s no secret that Pittsburgh is likely going to add another running back to be their future bell cow. As we see here from Fowler and Ledyard, the Steelers are showing a ton of interest in Guice. Not many running backs go in round one, but Guice is considered the consensus second running back in this class and has the potential to be an elite starting running back. I could also see the Steelers transitioning to more of a ground based attack now when Roethlisberger retires and that causing them to feel the need to go after a running back like Guice.


February 20th

Giants Passing on QB at Pick 2?

In the article Peter King when speaking about the Giants mentions….

New York Giants: Josh Allen. It could be Darnold or Josh Rosen too, obviously. Much smarter NFLers than me told me in the last few days that they think GM Dave Gettleman will pass on a quarterback to fill another major need at number two overall

Our Take: If this was the old regime I would fully believe that they pass on a quarterback because they would be in win now mode. But with a new GM and a new coaching, not to mention a QB that has a year or two left, it seems hard that they’d pass up a potential franchise quarterback. If I had to make a prediction now I believe they’ll take a quarterback and may go with the one that has the most upside since they will have Eli for at least another year. Sam Darnold could be that guy, but I’m still thinking it could be Josh Allen who may have the highest ceiling and could remind new GM Dave Gettleman a little bit of Cam Newton.


February 19th

Bills Moving up to get a QB?

Our Take: This should be no secret as the Bills don’t seem to be fully committed to current starter Tyrod Taylor given his short term deal. Buffalo currently holds the 21st and 22nd picks in the first round and they are worth 1,580 points according to the NFL Draft Value Chart which falls 20 points short of the 6th pick.  Depending on how the quarterbacks fall come draft day the Bills may have to sweeten the pot and add another pick or player in there to really secure moving up.

Who the Bills will get if they move up is still up in the air and depends on which teams end up taking a quarterback. Cleveland and the New York Giants are both assumed to take quarterbacks, while Denver or the Jets could land Kirk Cousins. Buffalo would really Kirk Cousins to go to one of those four teams to have either Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield or Allen to fall out of the top 6. If I had a guess I would assume that Allen would be the guy and could remind this Bills decision group a bit of Cam Newton who they all worked with in Carolina.


January 29th

Saquan Barkley to the Colts?

Our Take: In the Article, ESPN’s Chris Wells discusses the possibility that the Colts could miss out on Saquan Barkley because the Browns may take him number one an then likely have their pick between either Rosen or Josh Allen (Wells inferred that the Giants would pick between them and didn’t mention Sam Darnold).

While Barkley going number one wouldn’t be too big of a shock since he’s my number two ranked player and most analysts have him either as the top prospect or at least in the top three. That being said, I’d be shocked if a RB went number one to a team who desperately needs a QB. Even if they have the 4th pick, you go get your guy and don’t hope he’s going to fall. Just ask the Bears last year with Trubisky.

As it relates to the Colts, taking Barkley at 3 wouldn’t be surprsing since we’ve seen RBs take in the top 5 the past couple of years has panned out. That being said everything I don’t get the sense that the Colts will take a RB in the first round based on what GM Chris Ballard has said about building a tough team. My thought this pick is a no brainer. A team that needs a pass rusher has a shot at the clear top pass rusher in the draft, Bradley Chubb. You can find a running back at any point in the draft. You cannot say the same about edge pass rushers. I could be wrong, but I’m willing to bet the Colts don’t take Barkley over Chubb.


January 22nd

Teams Concerned with Josh Rosen

Our Take: For the longest time we’ve heard about character and leadership issues about UCLA QB Josh Rosen, but for the longest time the only thing the most anybody would say on the record was that he can be a jerk or spoiled. Charlie’s report sheds a bit more light even mentioning “party substances.”

“They feel because of his silver spoon upbringing, he doesn’t relate well to all segments of an NFL locker room, and they think the desired leadership traits could be lacking with Rosen. Former teammates of Rosen who are in the NFL have been asked by teams about him, and they say he is atypical and a different kind of guy. Team sources also say that Rosen has a reputation for being a partier. He had a hot tub in his room and some team sources are worried about party substances.”
As Charlie also states in the column that guys like Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott have had similar claims and it didn’t affect their draft slot at all. You never want your franchise quarterback to have claims like that, but at this point it’s still just reports. As for the other parts at some point they’re a bit laughable. Because he comes from a family that has money means he doesn’t relate? He’s not a good teammate? He’s teammates have come out strong to support him.

Rosen is the most NFL ready of any of the quarterbacks and if he’s able to go to a team that has a strong veteran locker room he could thrive. As of right now I’d be shocked if he didn’t go first or second in the draft and a team like the Giants seem like the perfect fit.



January 19th

Miami Dolphins Willing to take a QB in Round 1?

Our Take: Within the article by Miami Herald Sports writer Adam Beasley he covers the recent Instagram post by Oklahoma Baker Mayfield stating #GetMeToMiami. But the real juice is toward the end where he states

“The Dolphins want to draft a quarterback in April. They’re even open to taking one in the first round, if he is the best player on their board.”

The fact that Miami is going after a quarterback shouldn’t be a surprise since Ryan Tannehill is coming off another knee injury while backup Matt Moore is a free agent and struggled this past year. The big surprise is that the Dolphins could use the 11th overall pick to find their next signal caller. Rosen and Darnold are likely to be long gone and with the Broncos and Jets in the market it could leave the Dolphins without an option. But if Josh Allen is available would they take him? Allen reminds me a lot of Jay Cutler (on the field) and head coach Adam Gase had success in Chicago with Cutler. Would they take Lamar Jackson? I would.


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  1. Fitzpatrick will be gone before the Packers pick at #14, and #14 is too high for Josh Jackson, since he’s a little slow of foot. Therefore, OLB Marcus Davenport should be selected by the Packers.

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