2018 NFL Draft Rumors – Updated 2/20

One of the best things about the draft is all of the NFL Draft Rumors that come out from reports and media people throughout this entire process. Some of this comes from contacts from within NFL teams while other may be just hearsay. At NFL Draft Geek we provide you with the recent rumors that are out there so you can stay on top of them while also providing our takes on that said rumor. Hope you enjoy the 2018 NFL Draft Rumors page!

2018 NFL Draft Rumors


February 20th

Giants Passing on QB at Pick 2?

In the article Peter King when speaking about the Giants mentions….

New York Giants: Josh Allen. It could be Darnold or Josh Rosen too, obviously. Much smarter NFLers than me told me in the last few days that they think GM Dave Gettleman will pass on a quarterback to fill another major need at number two overall

Our Take: If this was the old regime I would fully believe that they pass on a quarterback because they would be in win now mode. But with a new GM and a new coaching, not to mention a QB that has a year or two left, it seems hard that they’d pass up a potential franchise quarterback. If I had to make a prediction now I believe they’ll take a quarterback and may go with the one that has the most upside since they will have Eli for at least another year. Sam Darnold could be that guy, but I’m still thinking it could be Josh Allen who may have the highest ceiling and could remind new GM Dave Gettleman a little bit of Cam Newton.


February 19th

Bills Moving up to get a QB?

Our Take: This should be no secret as the Bills don’t seem to be fully committed to current starter Tyrod Taylor given his short term deal. Buffalo currently holds the 21st and 22nd picks in the first round and they are worth 1,580 points according to the NFL Draft Value Chart which falls 20 points short of the 6th pick.  Depending on how the quarterbacks fall come draft day the Bills may have to sweeten the pot and add another pick or player in there to really secure moving up.

Who the Bills will get if they move up is still up in the air and depends on which teams end up taking a quarterback. Cleveland and the New York Giants are both assumed to take quarterbacks, while Denver or the Jets could land Kirk Cousins. Buffalo would really Kirk Cousins to go to one of those four teams to have either Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield or Allen to fall out of the top 6. If I had a guess I would assume that Allen would be the guy and could remind this Bills decision group a bit of Cam Newton who they all worked with in Carolina.


January 29th

Saquan Barkley to the Colts?

Our Take: In the Article, ESPN’s Chris Wells discusses the possibility that the Colts could miss out on Saquan Barkley because the Browns may take him number one an then likely have their pick between either Rosen or Josh Allen (Wells inferred that the Giants would pick between them and didn’t mention Sam Darnold).

While Barkley going number one wouldn’t be too big of a shock since he’s my number two ranked player and most analysts have him either as the top prospect or at least in the top three. That being said, I’d be shocked if a RB went number one to a team who desperately needs a QB. Even if they have the 4th pick, you go get your guy and don’t hope he’s going to fall. Just ask the Bears last year with Trubisky.

As it relates to the Colts, taking Barkley at 3 wouldn’t be surprsing since we’ve seen RBs take in the top 5 the past couple of years has panned out. That being said everything I don’t get the sense that the Colts will take a RB in the first round based on what GM Chris Ballard has said about building a tough team. My thought this pick is a no brainer. A team that needs a pass rusher has a shot at the clear top pass rusher in the draft, Bradley Chubb. You can find a running back at any point in the draft. You cannot say the same about edge pass rushers. I could be wrong, but I’m willing to bet the Colts don’t take Barkley over Chubb.


January 22nd

Teams Concerned with Josh Rosen

Our Take: For the longest time we’ve heard about character and leadership issues about UCLA QB Josh Rosen, but for the longest time the only thing the most anybody would say on the record was that he can be a jerk or spoiled. Charlie’s report sheds a bit more light even mentioning “party substances.”

“They feel because of his silver spoon upbringing, he doesn’t relate well to all segments of an NFL locker room, and they think the desired leadership traits could be lacking with Rosen. Former teammates of Rosen who are in the NFL have been asked by teams about him, and they say he is atypical and a different kind of guy. Team sources also say that Rosen has a reputation for being a partier. He had a hot tub in his room and some team sources are worried about party substances.”
As Charlie also states in the column that guys like Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott have had similar claims and it didn’t affect their draft slot at all. You never want your franchise quarterback to have claims like that, but at this point it’s still just reports. As for the other parts at some point they’re a bit laughable. Because he comes from a family that has money means he doesn’t relate? He’s not a good teammate? He’s teammates have come out strong to support him.

Rosen is the most NFL ready of any of the quarterbacks and if he’s able to go to a team that has a strong veteran locker room he could thrive. As of right now I’d be shocked if he didn’t go first or second in the draft and a team like the Giants seem like the perfect fit.



January 19th

Miami Dolphins Willing to take a QB in Round 1?

Our Take: Within the article by Miami Herald Sports writer Adam Beasley he covers the recent Instagram post by Oklahoma Baker Mayfield stating #GetMeToMiami. But the real juice is toward the end where he states

“The Dolphins want to draft a quarterback in April. They’re even open to taking one in the first round, if he is the best player on their board.”

The fact that Miami is going after a quarterback shouldn’t be a surprise since Ryan Tannehill is coming off another knee injury while backup Matt Moore is a free agent and struggled this past year. The big surprise is that the Dolphins could use the 11th overall pick to find their next signal caller. Rosen and Darnold are likely to be long gone and with the Broncos and Jets in the market it could leave the Dolphins without an option. But if Josh Allen is available would they take him? Allen reminds me a lot of Jay Cutler (on the field) and head coach Adam Gase had success in Chicago with Cutler. Would they take Lamar Jackson? I would.


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