NFL QB Moves that will Shake Up Draft Day

As the NFL is set to enter into another crazy free agency period, numerous deals have already been agreed to that could change the draft landscape in late April. Let’s go over a couple moves involving quarterbacks and what effect it could have come draft day.


1. Cleveland Browns trade for Brock Osweiler

This trade will change nothing for the Browns plans going forward. They used their excess cap space to pick up another high draft pick. They continue to build the roster leading many to believe that they will continue with quarterbacks on their roster unless they find value in any of the prospects after their #1 overall pick.

2. San Francisco 49ers sign Brian Hoyer

This deal is basically a one year contract that will allow the 49ers the freedom to look at other options or bring in a young protege if they believe there is one in this draft class. With this being said I think the 49ers will choose to grab the top available player with their #2 overall pick and look to grab a developmental player with one of their day two picks.

3. Chicago Bears sign Mike Glennon

The contract for Glennon has been reported to be for only 3 years. This leads to this only being a stopgap solution unless of course Glennon balls out this season. John Fox has never been found of entering a season with a young quarterback under center, so this move should come as no surprise. The Bears could look for a value pick in the mid rounds for a quarterback but this should take them out of the running at #3 overall.

4. Houston Texans trade away the albatross of Brock Osweiler

The belief is this was a move to gain cap space to trade for Tony Romo. If this is the case the Texans could still be in the running to grab one of the top quarterback prospects with their first round pick. This situation is fluid and is worth monitoring leading up to the draft.

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