Nick Fitzgerald the Next Taysom Hill?

The NFL is a copy cat league. Whenever something works for one team you always see somebody trying to copy that. Well the latest version of this centers around the Saints usage of Taysom Hill. In the latest NFL Draft Rumors has it that Nick Fitzgerald could be a player teams are looking to fulfill that same type of role.

Taysom Hill was a former college quarterback at BYU who went undrafted and was cut by the Packers before the Saints pick him up. Hill was mainly used on special teams coverage units and as a kick returner. But he got most of his fame this past season when the Saints would sub him in for Drew Brees and give Hill some carries and a few throwing attempts.

There was a lot of buzz surrounding Nick Fitzgerald the last couple of years for a variety of reasons. Whether it was his prototypical size, strong arm or good mobility it left people wondering if he was the next NFL Quarterback from the Dan Mullen tree. However as time wore on we saw that Fitzgerald was more of a runner than a passer and that he struggled mightily with his accuracy completing only 54% of his passes with 30 career interceptions. It’s clear that Fitzgerald lacks the throwing skills to play quarterback in the NFL.

In theory having a weapon like Hill or Fitzgerald would be a good weapon as it allows the offense to run the ball with an extra blocker but still forces the defense to honor the pass. That being said, I had a hard time watching the Saints take future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees to have Taysom Hill try to run the ball or throw inaccurate passes. Nick Fitzgerald is more of a power runner and doesn’t have the same explosiveness that Hill has.

I also have a hard time believing that an NFL team would use a third round pick on Fitzgerald who will likely be a third string quarterback and a situational player. Even if a team plans on moving him to tight end, the third round is not the spot to do so. He’s more likely a 7th round pick or a priority free agent. I mean Taysom Hill went undrafted too.

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