Nothing to See Here Lets move on from the Myles Garrett video

Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett has been in the news lately. First he announced that he wasn’t going to attend the 2017 NFL Draft choosing to stay  home and watch on TV instead. Not a big deal at all. But it’s a video that was posted ( where he asks Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones and Head Coach Jason Garrett to make a trade to come draft him.

While I’m sure some are outraged, turned off, or think this will affect his draft status none of that will come true. Garrett is a one in a generation player and whoever has the number one overall pick is going to draft him. I’m sure the Browns and other top teams are going to ask him about this, but let’s not forget that Garrett is a Texas kid. He’s likely grown up as a Cowboys fan. Everybody wants to play for their team.

There’s nothing to see here, this was just Myles having fun and just being a kid.


For for arguments sake. What would it take for the Cowboys to move up from the 28th pick to the 1st pick in the draft?

To get Garrett, it would have to be a kings ransom. According to the NFL Trade Value Chart ( the Cowboys would have to give up their 1st round pick for the next three years, likely their 2nd round pick for the next two years and even their 3rd round picks for the next couple of years. Even then that is still short of the 3,000 points that the 1st pick is believed to be worth.

It’s not going to happen. But could you imagine what Myles Garrett would be like on the Cowboys?

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