Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 NFL Draft Review

A team like the Steelers already have a deep roster but are looking to find eventual starters or players who can come in and get them over the hump and into the playoffs. Our Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 NFL Draft Review analyzes each of their pick to see how they fit within the scheme, their value and how they can impact this team.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 NFL Draft Review

1st Round, Pick #28: Terrel Edmunds S Virgina Tech

Speaking of questionable drafts over the years, how about Kevin Colbert. Seriously Terrell Edmunds? Did he think he was getting a steal with Tremaine Edmunds? I’d like to find a draft analyst that had Terrell Edmunds worth a second round pick. Sure he is a good athlete, but unlike his brother he’s just an athlete playing football. Poor pick here by the Steelers drafting a fourth round talent in the first round.


2nd Round, Pick #28: James Washington WR Oklahoma State

It wouldn’t be a Steelers draft if they didn’t take a receiver on day two of the draft. Last year it was JuJu Smith-Schuster and this year it’s James Washington who likely takes over Martavius Bryant’s role as the downfield threat. Washington isn’t the most explosive receiver but he can accelerate to top speed working downfield and tracks the ball well. He’s still raw as a route runner but has the powerful runner and should work intermediate to deep. Terrific pick by the Steelers.


3rd Round, Pick #12: Mason Rudolph QB Oklahoma State

After getting Washington in the 2nd round the Steelers turned around and picked up his college quarterback hoping to get their future replacement to Ben Roethlisberger. Rudolph has good size and can be deadly when throwing in rhythm, but has struggled when having to move to a second read or make a play out of structure. With the Steelers he isn’t in any rush to play right away and can sit and develop behind Roethlisberger and Landry Jones. While I’m not a big fan of Rudolph he is going to a great situation here.


3rd Round, Pick #28: Chukwuma Okorafor OT Western Michigan

The Steelers have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, but really lack great depth after Chris Hubbard signed with the Browns in free agency. Okorafor played left tackle for the Broncos and despite being 6’6 320bs he has the footwork and lateral quickness to play tackle in the NFL. He’ll likely be the swing tackle initially but he could eventually supplant Marcus Gilbert at right tackle in a few years.


5th Round, Pick #11: Marcus Allen S Penn State

Taking Allen in the 5th round isn’t a bad pick because that is right in his value, but do the Steelers really need another strong safety? They already have Morgan Burnett, Sean Davis and now Terrel Edmunds, where does that leave Allen? Now they’ll try Edmunds and Davis at free safety and they tend to play more two high, but this seems like a wasted pick.


5th Round, Pick #28: Jaylen Samuels FB North Carolina State

At North Carolina State Jalyen Samuels was used in a variety of different ways either running the ball, blocking lining up as a tight end and even as a receiver. With the Steelers he’ll likely be used as a fullback but it will be on offensive coordinator Randy Fletcher to be creative with Samuels in a variety of different ways to get their best value.


7th Round, Pick #28: Joshua Frazier NT Alabama

Needing to add some bulk the defensive line the Steelers turn to the National Champion Crimson Tide to get reserve Joshua Frazier. However, Frazier is just big body whose able to clog up running lanes but that’s about it. You would think you can add guys like this in free agency and use this pick on a guy with more upside.


Draft Grade: C-

Best Pick: James Washington

Biggest Reach: Terrel Edmunds

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