Preseason NFL Reverse Power Rankings

Everybody and every site has some form of NFL Power Rankings. However at NFL Draft Geek we do things different and put our own unique spin on Power Rankings. Instead of ranking teams from best to worst, we rank teams based on an NFL Draft order. Teams 1-20 are the non playoff teams and are ranked based on how they’ll finish. Teams 21-32 are ranked in projected order of playoff elimination. Enjoy!


 1. New York Jets

The Jets are going to be bad this year and everyone knows it. The defense has some major pieces but their offense is an utter mess. But this is all done with a plan as the Jets are building towards the future by getting rid of older players and building draft capital.


2. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo is following the Browns approach selling off their assets and accumulating draft picks in an effort to build up the franchise in the way the new regime wants. This means little wins as the offense is hamstrung by a lack of weapons (not named LeSean McCoy) while the defense does not fit the new scheme perfectly.


3. San Francisco 49ers

While the 49ers roster isn’t very good, they do have some good pieces and so far throughout the preseason they’ve looked better than most thought they would. Wins will be hard to come by, but this is a up and coming team with a good coaching staff who should steal a few wins.


4. Indianapolis Colts

Losing Andrew Luck is huge for the Colts who don’t have the best roster and he was able to cover up some of their deficiencies. Luck is already out for week 1 and if he continues to miss time the season may be lost for the Colts.


5. Chicago Bears

Injuries have killed the Bears the past two seasons and all indications point to this year being the same. Add in a tough early schedule, we may see Mitchell Trubisky sooner than later which will likely lead to some growing pains and plenty of losses.


6. Cleveland Browns

Slowly but surely we are seeing the Browns improve as a team as their high draft picks and some savvy free agent acquisitions have paid off. Starting rookie DeShone Kizer will lead to some growing pains, but we should see this team take a step further in 2017.


7. Jacksonville Jaguars

If the Jaguars had a reliable quarterback, they could realistically contend for the division with a good defense and good weapons. But with Blake Bortels throwing interceptions and still question marks along the offensive line, the Jaguars will be picking in the top ten once again.


8. Los Angeles Rams

Everybody wants to call Jared Goff a bust already but he was put into a no win situation. That being said, his play will likely determine how the Rams do this year. The offensive line and receiving core is improved, not to mention a more quarterback friendly coaching staff. They’ll be improved but growing pains should continue.


9. Baltimore Ravens

It’s been a train wreck for the Ravens this offseason as their offensive line has been decimated by injuries and retirements along with an injury to Flacco. The defense will be solid but the Ravens seem more like the team that finished 5-11 in 2015 than the one that won 8 games on a weak schedule.


10. New Orleans Saints

Four of the last five years the Saints have finished with a 7-9 season largely because their defense hasn’t been able to stop the opposing teams on a consistent basis. Don’t look for this trend to stop as the offense may not be as good as past years and pass rush was largely ignored.


11. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are a media darling with plenty of national analysts praising the team for their talented roster. And while there is talent and Phillip Rivers is very good, can we really trust this roster to stay healthy? I can’t.


12. Minnesota Vikings

Improving the offense was a top priority for the Vikings this offseason but you have to ask, did they actually get better? The offensive line still appears to be improved by adding two new tackles and drafting Pat Elflien, however the two tackles were cast off of teams that upgraded. If the Vikings can’t get the offense going, their defense could once again falter like it did midway through last season.


13. Cincinnati Bengals

It doesn’t matter how many fancy weapons the Bengals gave their offense this past summer if the offensive line can’t block they won’t be able to use them. Not to mention the defense has taken a step back over the past couple of years. Expect another playoffless season.


14. Washington Redskins

With Scott McCloughan as the GM the Redskins roster was drastically improving. But with McCloughan gone they didn’t have as productive of an offseason, not to mention the division got much tougher. They’ll be solid, but they’re not a playoff team this year.


15. Carolina Panthers

Last season the Panthers couldn’t buy a break and fell from the Super Bowl to picking in the top ten. A strong draft and free agency should get this team back, but they still have some major flaws that could come up and keep them just short of the playoffs.


16. Denver Broncos

With an elite defense the Broncos have a chance to make the playoffs, but they need the running game to sustain to give them a chance. But let’s not look past some key injuries and departures both by players and coaches that could come back to bite the Broncos. I don’t think the defense will be as good as the past couple of years.


17. New York Giants

How well the Giants do in 2017 comes down to how well their offensive line plays. If the line can hold up and give Eli time to throw then the offense can keep pace with their talented defense.


18. Houston Texans

The days of the AFC South being easy and Houston winning the division based off their strong defense are over. If Houston wants to win they’re going to need either Tom Savage or Deshaun Watson to elevate their game and give the offense some playmaking ability.


19. Philadelphia Eagles

Defensively the Eagles continue to get better and could be one of the better units in all of the NFL. The key will be for Carson Wentz to avoid a sophomore slump. One way they could help out is if the running game gets going. But from all indications, LeGarrett Blount isn’t the answer.


20. Arizona Cardinals

Was 2016 an aberration? Or were last years struggled an indication that the window has closed on this team? Arizona went all in this past offseason which should put them right back into playoff consideration.


21. Miami Dolphins

The switch from Tannehill to Cutler doesn’t change anything for the Dolphins as they still are a legit playoff contender because of their run game and good enough defense. Also playing the Jets and Bills four total times doesn’t help out.


22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With offensive additions and a continuing to develop Jameis Winston the Bucs are one of the up and coming teams. If the defense continues to evolve the Bucs should be a shoe in for the playoffs.


23. Tennessee Titans

Tennessee made huge strides last year behind a strong running game and and underrated defense. The Titans improved at all areas and now look to be the team to beat in the South.


24. Atlanta Falcons

Roster wise the Falcons look like a team that could get back to the Super Bowl and even win it this year. Their biggest question is at offensive coordinator where Steve Sarkisian is taking over for Kyle Shannahan. The Falcons are going from one of the best offensive minds in the NFL to a coach who was out of football last year and has never called plays in the NFL. That could cost them in some high profile games.


25. Detroit Lions

For as good as the offense can be, their defense will determine whether the Lions can make a playoff run or just miss out on the playoffs. Getting their running game going could help their defense out too.


26. Kansas City Chiefs

While their 2016 draft class was looking towards the future, the Chiefs were active during training camp bringing in veteran additions to the roster. The team is built to win now but could use one more playmaker to go along with Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.


27. Dallas Cowboys

Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys take a step back in 2017. If Elliott is suspended his absence and weakened offensive line could cause issues. Not to mention their defensive line is still being ravished by suspensions.


28. Pittsburgh Steelers

Now that Le’Veon Bell is back and Martavis Bryant has been reinstated the Steelers look like one of the NFL’s elite. The Steelers really don’t have many weaknesses if any at all. The key for them will be to stay healthy and hope that their young players in the secondary continue to progress.


29. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay was able to get the offense back on track late last year after some early season struggles and adding some more pieces at running back should help out even further. The offense can be deadly, but they’ll need better play out of their linebackers and corners if they want to make it back to the Super Bowl.


30. Oakland Raiders

Before Derek Carr’s injury the Raiders looked like a Super Bowl contender. He’s back and the addition of Marshawn Lynch could be huge for this team. But they may have to play more ball control to help keep the defense off the field more since their back seven is a huge liability.


31. Seattle Seahawks

After the addition of Sheldon Richardson, the Seahawks defense has gotten even better which is scary. But not to be a broken record, the Seahawks Super Bowl chances will rest squarely on their makeshift offensive line.


32. New England Patriots

As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are with the Patriots they’ll be the odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl. That doesn’t change this year as they continue to add pieces and have the most complete roster. Same story, different day.

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